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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, February 2, 1917"

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Official Organ of die Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A 

(Kip St Cotttfi Sirgtui 

VOL. V. -NO. 42 



motion*] Lm«v« Bu Prominent Bpmkm of Both White and Black 
To Giro Their View* In How York Meeting— Mayor Mitchell, 0» 
wnld Ckrrtaon ViUard, Or. FrUMD, KeUy Millar, rUilroed nnd 
Stool Magnate! Among Speaker*— AU Acre* Hofrooa Have Made 
Oood In Their How Hold of Labor— Meeting Also Hold in St. 
Lonii on Same Subject at Central Baptist Church Wettneeday. 

-New York, Jan. 20, mT.-The Om» 

- Frill** artevueea and evening- lest at 
th* Kusseli Sage Foundation Building, 
Mew York • ity, under, tbe auspices of 
the National League on urban condi- 
tion* among Negroes furnished an ex- 
cellent opportunity for tka leaden of 
thought on tka problem* of Negro** 
in cities to reach a* understanding si 
to method* to be used in nutting tka 
•oeUl need* of tka Negro migrant*. 
Some of those addressing tba eon 

,.,t*erfBsc ted lending in, the diacnaaion 
were: Frederic C. Sown, V. S. Cent- 
missioner of L-nniigrelion; George F. 
Hay no*. Executive Secretary, National 
Urban L*egv>; Jobs T. Erulrn, Seere 
t*ry Armstrong Anoeiation of Phila- 
delphia; E. J. Trier. Jr., (Special Agent 
of th* Erie Railroad; Mix Helen B. 
Pendleton, Assistant Secretary, Aseuci 
ated Charities of Newark; >.'. T. tit 
win Agent, Negro Organisation Society, 
Virginia; Forrester B. Washington, 
Director Detroit Leagna on Urban Con- 

dition* among Xagroee; Joan' J, Mar 

rernreaaatiag Major Miteae); Cerwald 

Garriaoa VUIard, publisher, New York 
Evening Peat; William II Maid win 111, 
of tbe New York Evening Poet; 
Hoili* B. Friseell, Principal Hampton 
Institute; J. H. Butln, ' 
retnrj. flavannnb League on Urban 
Condition* among Negro**; Second 
Deputy Police Commissioner Law re 
B. Ouabain, of Nan York City; Dr. 
K Wright, Jr., Editor, Christian II L - 
MmtA oJBeial -oegn* eaKthw *r~Sf; 
Church and E. K. June*, Executive 
Secretary, National Urban League. 

' Profeeoor Kelly Miller Dean of the 
Collega of Art* and Science*, Howard 
University and vic<-~pre*ident of the 
Leagne, presided at the afternoon eea- 
•ion and L. Hollingsworth Wood, Pree- 
ideat of the National Urban Leogua, 
nt the evening session. 
Cum wis si oner Howe, 
"Migration After the War, 

•eg* 8.) 

Mayor Kiel To 
Make Address 

At UnrmU^DoecUat Mean 
Evening, rabronr* U, 

Mayor Henry W. Kiel will b* tbe 
principal speaker at the Uaaola-Dong- 
la* Celebration which will be bald at 
Pythian Temple. 3137 Piaa St., Mon 
Oar evening, February I?.. ■ 

The celebration ia uader the auspice* 
of the QUered Republican Inapactora 
of the Street Departmeat and Ibe pre-, 
gram baa been so arranged as to af- 
ford a wide scope of plaaaara and sat- 
in to all who attend. 

Other pro m i n ent cpoaaeta will graea 
program, amoag whom are: Dr. 

S-a P 

H*nrv Phillip*, Hon. C. M. Tel 
bertl Director of Street* and Sew*™, 
Boa: William Herbert Field*. National 
. Grand Master of the A. TJ. K. sad LV 
of A. Dr. N. 1_ Smith, Pastor of Laaa 
Tabnraacle, Hon. Charlton H. Tandy 
and others. The complete program uffTl 
appear la nan 

A birthday ■ali br at ie e of Abraham 
Lincoln in moviag pictnr** at St. Jasaea 
A . M. E. Chare*, (ear. PaadWton aad 
St. Ferdinand) Monday, Feb, 12. at S:W 
p. hi Ueaeral admusloa, 10 cents. Be v. 
W. H. Pes*.. Passer. 

gAt The Orpheus 
Academy Feb. 9 

.__.. ** ao Vahnatu. nnrtj.. 
, efty ,h« **.**• this r*ar t , Mr. .(leant haw. 

DePriest Retires] 
As Candidate 

Catcago afegie lllireilli Qali* on Ae- 

caadidat* for reelection mat night at 
an executive meeting of the Republican 
organisation of the Second ward. He 
denied tba charges made sgaiast him, 
bat declared that ia view of bia indict 
meat he rait teat he aboald retire pend- 
ing thi on tceavr of aia prosecution. 
■ A aaw aa a e W a t a probably will be 
chose* at another severing of ward lead- 

.era. Be will nam b* a Negro, a deal 
basing baaa Made by the Thompson 
Repobheass ia tbe ward two yaara aga 
to give the M ag m as oae representative 
ia the Own)*.!!. 

Stat* » epsaa a«UU vn Robert B. Jark 
so* sad Dell Rnhert* are likely candi- 
date* far the *■) minis* ratio* backiag. 

DaPrieat was anrreaderad on his bond 
aad immediately tells sail aa a aaw bond 
r*ed by reer rirttrn*. 
DaPrieat baa been indicted with 
Teeaan" Joaeit and eeseral others aa 
raaalt of theviee erasade. Wholesale 
graftfag ha charged- 




to Already Large List During Tear. 

Tnakegn* Institute, Al«h.m. January 
IT. — Tnakogae instill (alking about tka 
very excellent illustrated lecture pre- 
seated by Mr. aad Mrs. A. K. Ualone, 
of-Poro Oulleg* fame. Tbnaa picture* 
exhibited tba progrnni of tka race along 
all liana aad those who were present 
carried from the meeting the mor 
conmging impression* of the progress 
of the Negro race. Their pictures, tba 
motion and still ones, are most c 
lent sad are net confined to their own 
business, bat show Negro progrqy and 
activity ia many sections of the coun- 

ipanied by Mr. William Brown, 
Mia* Maudelle McMur 
ray, secretary ; Miss Venice Moody, * 
departarent manager. Mr. and Mr.-. M.v 
hwe reaeked Tnahegee Institute. Tufa- 
day, January 18, and spent throe days 
here. They attended the eaationa of 

the Toshegee Negro Conference 
while hero were aeeordad many ■ 
coii rtasies by tbe officers and teacher* 
of the Institute, including a dinner 
the residence of Mr. and ifn. Emmett 
J. Scott. From Tnsfcegee the Pero Col' 
lege party went to Pensaeola, Florida, 
New Orleans, and other points in ihi* 
section, before returning to their borne 
in St. Loui*. 

Mr, Malune was vary much piic.-iir- 
aged over the prospaeta of their t>u*i- 
aaas. "We added foar thoesaad agent* 
but year, and thcaa agent* are build- 
ing independent interne* for themselves 
in their eommnnities. " 

arJL Loaia 

bey, kaewa ae "Cnrlev." *wot 
killed Jam** A. Barn*. In tbe Panama 

Cafe, Caiman, hurt wank. Hawaii claim* 

New GrJH Room 
To Open Monday 

Street, a ill ' ansa a « 

Baptism Ai 

Central Baptist 

The Irst bspt ismal terviee of the re- 
vival meetings at the Central Church 
will take, place at the. morning **rvi*e 
next Sunday. Dr. Jteveaa aad the 
members are rejoicing over the splen- 
did results of the campaign. Dr. A. 
C Powell has no superior as an evan- 
golint and he ho* enptared the heart* 
of all wao have baard bim. Dr. Powell 
gnve-bi* elo*ing lecture on last Wednes- 
day night to a large sudience. His 
•ubjrct was "Brohea, Bat Not Oil." 
Hi* treatment of this labjeet proved 
M be one of the moat luminous, pointed 
and entertaining discussions at tba rnc* 
qaeatwa aver listened to. .Dr. Powell 
took aa early train on Tkursday morn- 
ing for California. His people gave 
bim a leave of ahe aa e* fot »ix weaka. 
Whil* the every night meetings at tbe 
Central Chorea ere ckeed, the Wednes- 
day night and th* Friday night meet 
inga will glow with, tea revival spirit 
fur a long time to come. Ko *oul-win- 
■iag campaign at Central in years ha* 
been mora profoundly spiritual or 
stirred a Born widespread interest 
amoag all Christians without regard to 
aeaeauaatioa than this one. Tbe can- 
didate* for baptism will meet at the 
ehnreb rmadsy morning at ten thirty. 

"Cause And 

Effect" Drama 

event of tbe 
wi& be given at Uaioa Memorial 
Chnrth, Friday evening, afarck 9, »■ 
4-f. fh» * t a*cM*** off Team We. io, ef 
whiek Mr Job* Bracy is Tk« . 
.Tkal taam ig oae_of thj autnv Leans* 
orkiag 7 to slaar th* rhsrek uf all In- 


Visits STiouisi 

PTtnclpal Of ■'Mlssonri-Wott Ooantry 
Life Behool 1 '— the Bartlen Agrtcni- 
tural and Xnduetrlal Sebeel at Dnl- 
teu, He., Beporti Piegraaj Among 


Pet* in HouoVof Bapnan* Officars at 
Hall Monday Evsning. Psh- 

N. C. Brace, prinoipal of the "Mis- 
aauri West Country Life School, " the 
Bartlett Agricultural and Iddnntrial 
School nt Dalton; Mo., was hero a few 
hours thi* weak on business matters 
with certain of his local trustees. Prof. 
Bruce reports progress among the t,000 
Missouri Negro farmer*, several hun- 
dred of whom are organised into a State 
Association, held their -tenth annual 
mveHBg recently in connection with the 
above named school. Principal Bruce 
i* the chairman and leader of thi* or- 
ganisation, in opening this recent con- 
ference, among things,, ha said: 

Oar life is ours, the sn&shine, tha 
tain, tbe season* are all a* free to «• 
r hjach people aa to our white neighbors. 
Ko right minded white person would 

S W. Oreen 

At- the regular meeting of the Su- 
preme Lodge Committee last Wednes- 
day night at Pythian Ball, It was 

reported that all arrangements 

been completed for the reception of 

the Supremo Chancellor S. W. Qroei 

■ 1 hi* cabinet, who is expected in 

Ijfader us from producing crop*, nor M1 - kou'e Monday morning. I a th 
party will be . Supreme Chancellor s 
3d . Green,. Supnajne Onad Worthy 

Counsellor. Joseph 1-. Jane*, Supreme 

attorney Witkine and Major it. li 
Jackaon, head of the Uniform Depart 

lee aad from saving and proving our- 
•elves io be good, honest, intelligent 
eUiiena if they could, and they eonlda t 
If they would. Recent triumphs in crops 
aad corn production by thi* school 
aad the flne behavior and love of work 
aad service by our itudents, have 
brought more verbal and written word* 
of praise and congratulation, .propor- 
tionately, from white men and women 
from all part* of Missouri and from 
many sections of the country than from 
leaders of our race. This i*. lure proof 
that our white people ara not against 
as, This school •> achievement* have 
aoi bean done in a comer. We have 
enmpared with the heat white farmers 
la Misnouri and ia the nation and have 
won aad are ojoiag to keep on winning 
by better aad better labor and eenieea. 
My people are discovering aad. getting 
bach to their former scire*. This U 
what Oed want* os to do. 
ought to excel n* in farming aad la 
boa** aad' bom* economU* and eeri 
T-'_ w are aa aohle. a* high e*i: j^. 

require a* severe training si for tbe 
eflcial aad governing oAeea ia 
American drmocrtcr. ■ jrhenT has been 
'"•■it little, if any, g^tn for our people 
in th* American politic* in the hut 30 
No political party seems te de> 
■ Negro soBrientlT to back him 
up ia the ezerelae of hi* civil and po- 
litical righta. Then what's the os* to 
■quit our plowing and hoeing and our 
remunerative places for education, to 
bother with politic* antes* we -in bet- 
ter either* ourselves or onr state and 
ition, or until we ate wanted by some 
party to the extent of being protected 
"a onr American manhood privilege*, 
van si frith'.' Jew* and Oraexa, Poland 
rs and Swedish, in America are sought 
iftrr and protected. 

Negroes are not appreciable immi 
emnts bat are. to th* manner bora for 
aeration*, true American*, yet with 
. representative to *poak of is any 
ite or ia tbe National Government. 
>w after SO year* of ■■ -celled r-layier. 
poHtiea, Negroe* own aad tend ever ten 
million* of seres of taxable 
property-in onr cooatry. The Innd we 
<>wu and operate and pay taie* an I* 
vilned at tUtUvCS*" in 1010, aad 
't-rioM exceed this by mneh more now, 
Thie in the face of many handicap*. 
■iin It ear ignorane*. 
White aad Colored people of the 
I'Bth are earnestly trying anw to kaow 
i"«rk other hetter. Race* dnn't hnte 
>m> other whea they really know ea*h 
bar, nor cart they know without sym- 
pathetic contact. . Knowing each other 
>i> In* peopb to work better for each 
■ •'ler'. welfare.. The omTrrene* should 
1"- recognised without condemning on* 
rune to eternal dearedatioa. It ia a 
tranarrr.mgii when white ■ peo p le- begin to 
neaasiae ia Mack rmapl/. eapahtlrriiBS 
T..r real worth. eBcienev and _r»idncM 
It is still k*i>p"»r tor Mack peopTe to 
lift *p their owe bead*, aad say 

■ n eela* l i j i h » same fleil. 

!■'.-■- a work la do aad ahaH bravely 4a 

work Back to the mad i* the Ne 

It i.« understood that while the 
curs are here' final arrangement* will 
bu made a* to ground* and program 
for the coming seaaion of the Wupreiu- 
Ledge, which convene* in this city ir 

A binqaet will be tendered ear di- 
rinpuiihrd guest ou Monday night ai 
Douglas* Hall, by lodge* and courts. 
and ou Tuesday night a cabaret and 
smoker by -tbe men. 

League Condemns 
Parker's Speech 

At a meeting of the Independast N< 
C» Vetera' Long**, held at 2*~ ; Ptne 
street Tueaday night, Jan. 30th, reaota- 
tiona were paated by. the members of 
toe league strongly- condemning the 
epeeeh of W. H. Parher at the coafer- 
enee afhfayor Kiel's ofllce hut -Satur- 
day, Th* resolution pointed ont that 
Parker, aa Irresponalbla, who is a Jaa- 
itor at the jail, w*a mentioned aa a race 
leader in the newspaper* and that hi - 
atterueee had done the Ifngro people 
incalculable ' harm. Members of the 
league were bitter ia tksfr denanciation 
f Pnrkar'* t^tnnent that *nme Ne 
(Troes would vote live times and other* 
tweatw tunes for Mayor .Kiel if neeee- 
**ry OS elect him. They stated that the 
.■Vegroen of «r. T^ots flesfrM to mte be* 
oae ballot, and then to have thai, hon- 
estly counted. 

Arrangements were made by the 
league to celebrate the hundredth aa- 
jiirrrssrr of th* birth of Frederick 
Donglaa* on Sund* v. Feb 1 «th. 

Attorney (leo. I„ Vaughn is presi- 
dent of the league, aad the ether of 
leer* are Jaa. H. Joaea, vie* president; 
Paul W. Mwtey. secretary; Dr. A. W. 
Cheatham, treamrer; Krnent Pat ilia, 
sergnant at arms; Wm. H. Field... chair 
man ward organisation, and J. W. Me- 
Tatyre. chairman of tha executive com- 

The member* -of th* league pledge 
themselves to support men rather than 


Newspaper Man. Lecturer and Bee* 
Leader round Dead In Chair at 
Home. Was 71 Yens old. Had 
Been In Public Ufa More Then Half 
Century. Fi'neral ■ Sunday 

Prof. Phillip H. Murray, newspaper 
man, lecturer arid sociologist, was found 
, eitting in a chair at hi* home, 
£637 Pine St, Tuesday morning, at 9 
o'clock. Prof. Murray.had been a~ suf- 
ferer from asthma for *overal years 
and bad decided to retire from news- 
paper work and go Bait to visit hl- 
daugbter*. A number of friend* - 
arranging a tributo to his u*e* , 
whon he died. 

For the past year he ha* r 
editorial writer on tho staff o: 
Louie Argui. 

Prof. Murray waa born of 
enta, in Bedding, P*., about 
ago. He had been, an active, 
figure for more than a half century. 
-hi* early days ha taaght school h* V':- 
ginia and MitsourL 

Ai a lecturer on phrenology, „ trae- 
eled extebairely. He wu a finuhed 
seholar-and often was threatened and 
suppressed by tbe white* in tha South 
because it was feared hie distinct ar- 
ticulation* and almost perfect crabimsr' 
was too inspiring to the Negroes, who 
know only the typical aouthem brogue. 
Murray we* a fearless foe to Negro 
haters and went through many excit- 
ing incidents on this account. He 
**rv*d for tha Union, as reuniting of- 
ficer daring tba Civil War, after which' 
he established t newspaper in Wash- 
ington, D. 0. He we* president of she 
aret Negro Press Association and we*" 
always connected with any movement 
for the advancement of Colored poo- 
He came to Missouri to live in 
1876 and eerved under Chauacy T. Fil- 
in the money order department of 
pest office. He immediately started 
a fight to establish Colored school* and 
ploy Colorad teacher*. He later 
went to Pike County, Ma, to teach 
school and wa* married there. Ilia 
wife died about SO year* ige. 

little later, he accepted e posi- 
tion on "The Troth," a St. Loui* He- 
newspaper, which he finally ae- 
quired! and changed it to "The Ad* 
>" ia lfiol. . Thi* paper he con- 
tinued to publish until b* suspended it 
a- little owef a year agu and joined the 
Argus editorial stahT. Of a family of 
It, three sister* sod two brothers ar* 
yet living. He al*o leave* to mourn 
their Io** three daughters and on* *on. 
The funeral will be held nt St. Paul 
Chapel Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m. 



Sec Winston Churchill'* 
T. W. C. A. February 1L Played five 
saee— «iva week* at tbe New Oraad 

Can tral. Scene* laid la St. Loaia. Col 
orog asters participate. Admission *"1 

eeejI-V . '■ ■ . 


• Under 

10 LI 

iking Parlors Saturday 

Mrs. Msggie ('. 
lire. Md.; Mr*, 
ioceton. y. J.; a 
Washington. I 
e deceased, have 
■and axu - stopping 

Kinner. of Haiti- 

Edith Surges, of 
d Mra A Mr. (treat, 

. C„ daughtere of 

arrived in the city 
I th* Ilnngr*** Uu- 


t sad event of this week wis the- 
death of leader* P. ruwaTner. at Si* 
late reafdeuee, tSTTa Lucky *HV Uoa- 
day, January 29, 1017, at l!:30 p. m. 
Mr, Bkalfaar, who was a post.oDc* 
terfc fer the peat 10 years, "ae a char- 
ter member of th* Apollo Club organ- 

" iaoa,%l*o a member of the T. 

M. C Oea, 
The A^rurate laundry Co., of which 
r. BbarTix-r, wai a stockholder and di 
ctor, was clewed down during th* f u 
ral aersieea wMek were held at All 

Saint, awrth.natavlay. *>b. I, 10", 

*t Wrem *.-■. 

Febvnnry S is the feast ef the Pari- 

aeataaa of th* B l e —I Virgin' htary. 

The At) Saint* Chareh will celebrate it 

■otevia preaeeeioa la the eharch 

Sea day evening. 

Thi* feast hi romntonrr called Caeeic- 
******* ■*« entry on tba* day th* 

-asdics prescribed far dIH** service 

Taa.amaksea lam bea> a*. 
vwt ia ear paiiefc. 
Tt ie ea aaeieat aad praiseworthy ea* 
torn lar the people to make en nrTertng 

ef 9»e. armer* eamdhe for the *crike 
-f one altar; aad wrth tbe candle* for 
t he one of th* ■ J h ai a m, at lean* aaw 
candle (a lah* keea* after It ha* hewn 
Ml to us* it at the had of the dy- 
ing, ne far. »r ntbee p r epee ni r» 
lig^wrjelyr Thee* candle* are received *f 
oU a ern, eVnag tike 

Forum Club 

Meeting Feb. 14 

At a meeting of the member! aad 
•s members of the Forum Club, heel nt 
1-ythiaa Tentple, 3137 Pine St, man- 
day. Jaanary U. 1»1T. a daeuuon was 
reached to revivify the club About 25 

Tha next meetug of the einb will be 

held at rVta+aa T*mpis. H waea y ; Fab. 
m*r» 11. 4 p. ■*.. 1*17. The ex mem 
hen are iarited to b* |r**rat W re- 
new their mentheralup ia the il*b Taw 
■eeti*g but f*uod*y was a preliiaiiis ry .. 
ateeting* to *rmag* for '%« large meet 
tag aa tbe 11th. It i* boned thai *H 
esemaera aad nam— her* ef the eJbab 
will be i rosier -at that ■ siting and 

As It Grows Older It Grows Better 





:.;. r i 

c ! 

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- Over 4,000 New Patrons Last Year 

For details write "PORO" COLLEGE CO., 
3108 Pine St.. tl*p' t A 1, St. Laun. Mo. 

M. C. WHITLOR '"-'SgtiSiSftS. 

Moving Van*, Packing and Shipping 

S T OR A G E "¥««fAllif" 





111 NORTH 12th STREET 


1 ■■« MAM I 


Jeffcrtoa awl Law too 
Fin* Ci&an Bad Soil Drink. 

I. H. WOOD, Prae. 

J. W. Hughes 

Caderlaker tad aaabalmor Carnae** 
raaahahed far all aaaaaiaa > 
KM. J. w. lack*. naaaaal Ml 

Louis Mencken 


MM UiiM Are,, m i«U. Ha. 


Your Prin ting 

■ tM 3T„ LOOT* ilWI 


Mbb. F. A. Gtmarr* ««m *F aafr ai U ate 

Bomont 2726 Central 8048 


Miaa Birdie Beal, licenaed mbalmer 
fur ladies. Lirery caniaces iarnitbed 
for all ottuiom. Open dayand night, 

St. Lwia, Ko. 

2726 L 

i Are. 


Btackami thing, General Repair- 
ing, Ho raw hoeing a Spaeialtjr 

2102 Pine Street 


wiah la luMiie tkat I hare beea 
appointed a rapraaaatathia far Dr. T. 
rtajiaaa'i taUat **d haaaehoid 
*, which I will daafwea af ta «oa- 
aaatioa with mj halr-draeatag work. 1 
tai aaaaaaaar ta Mn. Heal who died laat 
fall. All ataan proanpUy ailed. 

Urt.ll. Braafori 
Mil Plae St., Boa*. tSSOL. , 


I* where apeeiel attention u given 
to eleaaiag, preaaing, dyeing erni re- 
|i»iriug All work neatly aad aeieati-. 
•tally executed on abort notice. T. A. 
Owen*. BIT N. J*ffer*on Ave. Fhoaa, 

Lady Agents Wanted 

it ance on salary or cammission 
to handle the fastest line on the 
ma rket. Se e w . 
GEO. W. YOUNG.' Gen'l Agt. 
U<U Market St. <Bk St. lw. m . 


"Biiad Boone," a aew book Mary 
af Ika world -a greetaet jMggal JJaa 
i t tada of aaptea eold dairj. Ta know tW 
i .i ta la ta bar the beak. Oath bewae 
II JO Morocco, 12.50. 

Mr. Jaaephlaa Hawaii, 1M H 
Ewiag Aia..' aa aaa m l Agaat far M. 
Lanes. (4,14) 

H. Oraeaa, manager aad owner 
af- ahw- Oaa a ltaa Eanraat and Uoxiag 
Cimpaaj. at 81a H. Ghaaatag, ia oom 
tiBuiaf to gira th* bait arrriet ragard- 
kaa «f hard time*. Ha aaa added a 
aaw aiarisg ran. to hii baaiaeaa aad 
awMta patraangn. Far eaal, lea, lifkf 

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far booklet Alao Trath About th. 
MWc U»; Snalogy af the Bible 
tXM: Why Jeaoa Waa a Man aad *«' 
a W.W.. ttW By Sdwar C Tape 
4H gaaffM i IM>. lUaaaa Cltr. M- 

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don't get BALD! 

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+ 711 North Sixth Street Second Floor J 



DRAKE A BALL, fti-ra 


Standard life Insirance G>. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,000.00 

The only Otd line Legal 
owned and operated 
Fraternal, nor 

Branch Offices b Missouri 

23*3 Market SL, Sl L— C H. f earaa,. AfpaKy Dim 

1515 E. 18th St. Kanaa* Catr, SaraaartaVSai 


Ice and Wood. Okml B T tW Baakei car Team. 

-TV-V ■■ ~" 



Mi** Bell Buekner rteiM Miss lis! 

I May Buries, of Hi. Louis, who m 

Injured 11 sn automobile strident Its-, 

--..Kiss Esteli* Brooks returned 
to*t Monday, after spending a 
tew days with Miss M.rgic Borr, of 
Clarksville, Mo... ..Mr. Julias Johnson 
•/n*. Ua.gueet of Mr. and Mn. C*L 
Itrwlij, l*il Sunday.. ;. Those as tad 
| f***.!*** »» MM...8UHK. Edward." and 
**fr. AorvTlaMtf-'iaSs.' -.-..-", >? 

to H 

r Injur, 
few • 
f« i 


tf-aUtn, 1 

By E. 0, R. 
Quite a number of friend* and rel* 
Una surprised Mr. Henry Hamilton, 
Saturday evening in honor at hie 59th 
eirthdny. An enjoyable evening was 

•pea* by every one present Mr. 

John Mack and .daughter, lire. V. Bar 
gett* were recent visitors la Fertua 
Mo.. ...Mr. Cressie Meredeth visited 
i* E. Ht. Loots laat week. . . .A number 
«* oex eitiiena have been on the alek 
Hat, bat we are glad to know all are 
nt at ibis writing. 

atmrnrhat paxx, mo. 

By V. M. Johnaon 

Bar. DeShield preached hi* farewell 
sermon to a large crowd Sunday night. 

Mr. and Mrs. waitlor were the 

Xwaeta of Mr. sad Mm. Bodgers 8un- 
dsy Mr. W. A. Bell met with a eer- 
ie** accident, he fell upon a nail, which 
niereod hi. knee. .... .Mrs. P. Johnson 

wmi tha peat of Mr. fl, J, Patterson 

*• <h»ytoa last ww*,.,. Wat. Thelmt 

. -Cooper, -of Allenton, waa the guest 

of Mrs. E. Bell Mr*. James ttoolry 

siuT-Miss Haael Beck are on the sick 

Hence of mectiaga will begin at the 
A.M.I-:. Church, Samlajr, February 
«. Everybody is welcome, 8«v. J. JL 

Brooks, pastor There wiU, be Bae- 

ramcnt aerviea at Bla'ckweJI Chapel, 
Sunday, February *. Bar. C I", Col- 
liaa, pastor; Invitee all members and 
friend, to he prtsenl, . . ,Tfa* concert 
gircn under the auspices of the jun- 
ior Missionary Society of Bliekwell 
OusjiV Thursdsryr JnkouiyA^.'wn*- V 
decided success, Mrs. J... X. Bensley. 
■ha president, wishes to thank the 
participant* and friend* far their sup- 
port; receipt was 113.13.... Mr*. Sadin 
Harris is tut again, after a brief ill- 
m--«. .. Mrs M.' K. Goodwin spent last 
week end in Altos, 111., visiting rela- 
tives. ...Misses Genevieve and Will* 
Pleraon bad as their guests to dinner 
laat Sunday, Mines Eiie and Vara 

Brooks The Friday evening Bible 

elans, with Her. J. I,. Brook, ** in 
(tractor, is rapidly growing in attend- 
ance and spiritually. The class meets 
at different home* and every lesson 
is beautifully explained. 


Mr. Andrew Johnson died at his 
Voter Monday morning, after a few 

any* of illness Messrs. John flood- 

and Herman Alteh went to 8t. Louis, 

Friday Mrs. Stella Grigaby and «L 

it .. Mrs Jones and Mr. Jesse John- 
sea, were .in Union this week attend- 
ing- tie funeral of their fader. Ur. 
Andrew Jnhnsst., ..Mrs:. Bertie Brown 
and her Son, Page, visited here Set- 
■rday. . , ,Ber. P. W. Chester and wife 

are en the sick Hat Mrs. Andre* 

Johnson is visiting; In Washington this 

week SnndiT wns quarterly meet 

ing nt the church, the sen See* were 

well attended Mr and . Mr*. John 

Tsssrs and daughter, Blsnehe, of Me- 
.eeBe, spent Sunday here. . .Mian Knth- 
•rva Benson spent Sondsv aftemeen 
with Miss Alma A Itch. 

Mr. (.'has. Baker was fat Bt. Louis 

Saturday, attending to businees 

Mias Edith Cayee, teacher of Mineral 
Point, aeeompanied by one of her jhi- 
j'iis. little Miss Lore Lee LaMarqna en- 
Joyed Saturday and Sunday hrre A 

number of young men from Petosi e*> 
hibited their comedy a( the Masonic 
Hall, Thursday night. A large crowd 
attended. .:.; t ,Mts, Lewis Murphy is 
spending it few day* at Crystal Pity. 
...Bev. A. L. Beynolds anointed Mrs. 
M. Lyon, with baptisms) rites San- 
day The congregation Is rejoicing 

over aa Increase in membership 

Master James Cayee area accidentally 
rut Sunday by falling against a knife, 
which cut an ugly gash in his thigh. 
.'...The teachers' meeting at the A. 
M. E. Church each Friday is quite 
largely attended and mneb Interest 
being manifested, .rlatarday was riat 
pudding day with the domestic science 

girl* economy in cooking Miss Cor- 

inne Wilkin. h*s heen_nsk#a to tesen 
snot her month. This will be quite 
beneficial to pupil*, as well as the 

teacher Mrs. Virgin Pngh, Mrs. 

Dave Ruford and Master fVolt Hunt 
are among the ill -of the week... -Mr. 
and Mrs. .Terry Bridges and Mrs. Ma- 
rie Lyons, of Swlnk's Settlement, were 
Farmington visitor* Snaday. 

were held from the A. M. !■:. Churah 

Thursday Mr. Sam Mjdgit, Mr*. 

Annie Wise and Mrs. Sarah Ferguson, 

who are on the liek list, nx* reported 

to be Improving The Movie Thea- 
tre wna well' filled Monday night to 

see the first episode of Peg of King, 

which will- ran for tftsen weeks nt 

t he regnlsr price of S and 10 eenta 

Mrs. Beva Patrick Bowen died at kar 
home on Sonb Main Street, after n 

f.-'W .days' illness with pneumonia Sot- 
urdny. Interment in Shady Grove Ceme- 
tery. .The Sunday service* at Haley's 
Chapel waa well attended.. ..At tha 
A. U. K. the nmial 'splendid' servieef 

were enjoyed Mr. nnd Mrs. Daniel 

W«e-AwJ »f. e^^t^*i^.i^ L .:o« t :^*^^w. < 3h»fej 
eajgo to make, it their future home. 


Kls* H. H. Jonse 
Mr. Anthony Benson, who had been 
in poor health for the. past yenr, died 
•t his hasaf fresn heart trouble Mon- 
day afteraon. The funeral 

By Oeo. a. Samuels 

A freak show wna given at Crown. 
Hall, Monday January 32, for the bene- 
fit of the North Side A. M. E. Church, 
of the attractions were: Zip, tho 
wild man, The Petrified Man, The. Fit 
W«man, The Japanese Woman and Tha 
Pretty OirL- It wns well attended and 
onjeyed by all.... Mr. Peter Benard 
died Thursday. January SS^He wn* 
mo of the heaviest men in Alton, 

relght wns 323 poands. He wns i 

me of the Ittraefs OhtM Company's 
steadfast men, and had to stop work 
breause of bin weight, but was pen- 

loned by the company The 8ew- 

ig Cirele met at the residence of Mr*. 
Dofa Lnwrr. Thursday. J« B . 15, a 
large crowd attended anal spent a pleas- 
ant evening Mr. Howard Green 

i-raduatedfrom the Alton High School 
Friday, January 2d. He la the only 
midwinter Colored graduate.... .Miss 
Rnrah KyW was the nueat of Mra. 
Bjuhsiin* hUiBMnarviU*, of.Jee*ey*ilK 

UK, Friday, Jannary S6 Bev. Oeo. 

C. Mason, the pastor of the tj. B 
Church, entertained the members of th< 
Men's Club Wednesday, January 24. at 
the I?nion Baptist Church, a large num- 
ber were present- and hut a delightful 
time. ...Mrs,, Q. Brewer, Mn. P. E 
Adams, Mrs. I. H. Kelly, Miss L 
Adams and Mrs. Oeo. Samuels were 
the guests at a luncheon at the resi 
denee of Mr.. A. Howard Wednesday, 
Jsuusn 34, a delightful evening su 
spent with music and needle eJuft 

By E. E. W ill lams 
Mr. Tho*. Tandy, nhohaa been quite 
sick, is much better.. Mr. W. H. Ham 
H^on, a farmer of Pino Oak, wns found 
dend in bed Mofiday morning.... 
Harriet Elsworth, ona of EdwarusvilU's 
oldest cltisens, has gone to tho Old 
IToIks' Homo in St. Louis. ..Bev. and 
Mis. ttourey spent Toesuay 1b East St. 
Louis visiting Lincoln Higb School...: 
Mr*. Peter tirifiia is visaing in St 
Loui*....Mr. OritBn wpeets to go to 
,.. , < -'°<">}r <"> businees in a few 

«"-yi Mr. John Stewart^ who has 

slek list, U much better, 
.. ■*t-^nw*-i--ei r MEr 
spent Monday witk Mr. nnd Mi*. Si- 
Bjnn Bradley. . ..£. £. WUlianu. and 
Mrs. i.euna vi'srj made a business trip 
to 8L Louis Thursday... .Mrs. Leona 
Ward i. on tho sick list. .-. .Mrs. Silvia 
Harris,, su aunt of E. E. Williams, who 
has been a resident of Nashville for 
more than fifty years, died at the age 
of ninety-eight Inst week. 


By Julius D. Pendleton 
Mis* Fanny Pendleton was in St. 
Loui* last Thursday to attend the fu- 
neral of her cousin, Liazie Franklin. 
Ur. and Mrs. William' Kendall, of 
re called to the bedridn 
« Iheir son, Arthur, .who is danger- 
ously ill. -They »«nt him to 8t. Marys 
Hoipital, Eant St, Louis..... Mr. Wil- 
liam Freemao, son and daughter am 

visiting his parents in Benteber. 

Theodore Pendleton spent several days 
in HcllviUe last week,.... Many of tho 
eblldrcn-are sick with tho measles. 



. Specs* 

By Mrs. C. P. Jackson 

Kev. China, pastor of Pleasant Hill 

Church, preached a very Impressivi 

■eriuon Sundny morning Mr*. Hat 

tie Moore is indisposed at her home- 
on I'arthenU Htteet, .. .Miss Usrcella 
Mitchell , of Mississippi, arrived in thi 
city last week, to mahe her home will 
her cousin, Mr. A. B. Moore, on Alico 
Street.... Mrs. Ella Dillard was called 
Monday to the bedside of her brother 
la Little Kork, Ark.. „ .The C. M. t. 
Church is procrreuing nicely under the 
leadership of their pastor, Bev. L. Par 
ri« The following deacons were or- 
dained at Pleasant Hill Church Sun- 
dny evening: Mensr*. L. T. Lee, A. B. 

Moore, O. ft 8t Clair, I* H. Mills 

Bev. rhinn left Monday night for Pu- 
eblo, Colo., to conduct a revival -meet- 

MY Bev. Phillips, who haa been 

confined with the imallpor i. improv- 
hff.'.Mra, M.~ B. Wyatt w»* the guest 
•t Mrs. B. 8. Blue Sunday. ...Mr. A- 
B. Moore win elected president of 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church choir; 
Mr. L. -.ill. Mills, vice president; Miss 
Maggie . Nevila was re-elected organ- 
" "Si Stenson will hn< 

Mabel Blgtry 

sa in Grnnd Tower 

iday fflM. . Swaaie Nelson **■ in 

Sparta Mob-^t. -The -funeral of Mrs. 
M. Kcllcy was held from the A. M. 

Church, Wednesday afternoon. 

. and Mrs. Anlty Coi and Mr*. Flor- 
ence Kellsy, or St. Louis, and Mr*. 
Dr. Oaatin, of Chicago, were in the city 
Inst weeh to attend tb* funeral of 

Mr*. K.'lkv.. .Mr. and Mrs. Win 8te- 

vews, of Fort flage. visited Chester, I ehnygo of the services at Pleasant Hill 
sday and Wednesday. | m tha nbntaw of Bev. Chisn. 


lif SKIN 


Whiteng dark or brown sirin. Bletnthw suhd 
*dhWS mIW or twnrthy coraplexkitu, p*> 
now all Uaudm noat caiuea the »kin to 
(low whiter. 

Sm Hut You Gsst the Genuine - 

— . . L.'—. ^^'HMfchnl. Bs|ll,l|ll 

The Jacob*' Pharmacy Co., * 

■Un WkHsnMr O ft slsart. asmp a*d powdors and they «r. 
Just grnnd for tho skin. My akin la looking so aloe now 
nnd sewtywa d y that n a sh naj use aaas what 1 an u»la« on 

m fk nnv Plana* and ssmIosM tare dollar* (tl> tor .It 
awawa m Dr. rtoWl nwin WaHonar ointment, two *rl 
tnanp. 1 do not like U ho wlPnai l It Ton rn truly. 



Sold by druggist; or aent direct, anywhere, 
for 25c, poatpaid Remember the name, Dr. 
Fred Palmer'a Skin Whitener. Write Jacoba' 
Pharmacy, Atlanta, Ga. 



rha',Bi8',C« Rate DRUGGIST. Evaryiody Wabotaw 

New Located at COMPTON nnd "l-ACLBDE AVH. 


** ntwj-f oi nsfc tTijrg * 

raxB eventho aonooL 

Tha cooking and sewing . cluse* of tke 

Bnnnekor Keening School, Lena* and 
Kwiag Avon., offer splsndid opportunl- 
tlae to women and young girl* wishing 

school is open evssy Monday, Wednes- 
day and Friday from T to S p, a. 
Everything Is free. 


3tyr £t limit* Arg&u 

publsheo Weekly 

*. -■ * iYTHt ' . -. '■'■ * » • ' - . 


*.. k MITCHELL .*. ..hiansgaw Banter 

BKKBBRT T. MEADOWS -City Editor and AeVerw*is»g Imir 

P. H. UURCAY . „.„..„„ ....... .AassssssU 

WB.l.l All J1AR0LD KING!.. - 





Advertising totw Fura.aS asd SB Biyillt 



t. ksm *"» suast cban ■ «. r> 

Tlir t'iritu Reaper brings a grievous sense of loss to us, in the death 
oM'hillip II. Murray: He was a potent, but unassuming power (or 
the atlvancement'of his people. He was one of the builders of the 
foundation upon which must stand the future destiny of the Negro 
race. ItVs&i- Hiked his life for the good of all. Those who enjoyed 
;>..nal f rit-T.-tslii^ found hiiti to he affable,, kind and indulgent 
and for this lir jrw loved slid honured. 

Ho W*a able, fouseientinus arid energetic. Ho realized the help 
he eaalabfl to hi» rSM and be never fa tillered in the effort. He was 
intelligent and broad-minded and a linguist with a power to enforce 
his idests. Although in his final days his body was racked with pain 
from a fatal sicklies* he never lost Courage and fought fop his race 
to the wid. "( him thine eternal rest, O Lord!" 

The unfortunate 'utterance* of a janitor at s gathering ofTTty en»- 
ployecs in the office of Mayor Kiel hut Saturday is to be regretted 
No one can .reasonably 'assume that the speaker was serious in hi* 
expressions. It was only the babble of a misguided tongue by an 
overetithusiaat. It «M no doubt given in n, spirit of jollity, but, com 
ing as it did at this, time, it oirfy served as food for our enemies 
The effect is a hitler experience hut a good lesson. Thbse who as- 
sume to represent the opinions of their fellowmeii should kiww their 
mission and be capable of filling it. Too often are men called upon 
to represent the race on important affairs who are either not qualified 
or have not been given time for serious thought. .The ability of 
extemporaneous discussion is a rarity that few men poaaesa. We 
hope that this burden will not be imposed upon others hereafter. We 
mui"think twice before we apeak," we. can Ul afford to humiliate 



The recent promotion of a young Colored man to a responsible po- 
sition, by a large manufacturing firnj. clearly exemplifies the po*er 
.of efficiency. It further prove* thai affleiency » master over race, 
■•^trfrir-or- T r e ed- . - a ss w awj ssas ta- Uw -nauntsia o f- pce^udifj. . U .wniigunts 
the obstacles in life, clears the pathway ts succesa and commands the 
respect of all mankind. 

The goal of efficiency cannot be reached by a single bound. It 
often requires years of struggle, patience and courage, but. as in the 
cane- of this young man, its (level op Bsesst ia appreciated. 

Oar high, schools graduate hundred* of young men and w»»*ii 
yearly, who have received the nucleus for advancement. Some con- 
tinue on through classic and scientific pursuits, some take to the pro- 
fessions while others enter the industrial field. How many, however, 
fail because of that gruelling teat, efficiency. How many fail by the 
wayside because of lack of ambition and determination. How few 
succeed. There is no room in the path of progreseaTenesa for the 
slothful, the indolent, the dreamer. 

The success of the high school boy mentioned proves that industrial 
opportunities are open to Negroes. It is a vast field almost unlimited 
and should' be an incentive to inspire energy, ambition and determina- 
tion to acquire efficiency and by so doing command a higher consider 
a ti<. a in the pursuit of life, health 

ruujujr roBTiu 

it Order 
IT, islT, as 

offleer* asd ttaa for tas mean* 
1* raising I3LSB for tas Christmas 
liiliT Dwaanaa ran* end te than* Iks 
Ls4hs' Aasabaty lor thasi effort to see 
that •■•fr ■«* snaafaj af, a: £\r<M- 
atss gift. Ta# ptvft*** saw dosated » 
t»***U of ™si to th* Colored Orsasas' 

Bnnidnt Outer paid un tluui tS*M 
to the fsilBwtsf ktek s s w Bs a mSi V- I*. 
.\i«.<». i. K Stes- s. Bugs. 3. w. 
nustm J. dark, J. P -«s »-■ as G 
twain, T. at O aiari ta . «. tea, IV H. 
ShM w. W BMW. Own Wsm. R. 
•*a»,tk. w. i*v <* Tsamg, A. ft. 1st-, 

Wsi Hitter,- l.. Dssbsr, J so 1 
Thimsms, S. Craee, J. Heett, K. I 

>m aV wJs as w iTe 


The great revivsJ which 
In p'rogrpM at Ijue Tsbernsetc C. M 
E. Churth,. 3Btifi Faiifsi Ave., »il 

f!nv Miiminv pvrning, wuh & >|>t'ri-. 

Crookf, lh<- grout evsngclist sad gos- 
pel prrsrhcr friim Clarksvillp, Teati 
Dr. Smith, the p**inr, is well pUsw. 

jeet; "Self Denial." 

At 3 p. m. a grcst idnu meeting 
will be held for the tsdiea oslf, eon- 
dnnted by Dr.'Crooks, ssiisted by Dr. 
.HmUk, -- aJi the lsdiaa-sM.- issitssV sha 
■ttenil thin aervice. 

At night the subject sill be "God 
Provision for Km" 

with the ri-MiH of (he meeting. About j On MoadsT night, sfter the ipeeisl 
100 soaU have accepted Christ as tkeir \ nervtas lo th« cenvert*, (be diffiveni 
Saviour during the enune of tlkw' i hoards snd suzilisrie* ' will eotertais 
'ting*. Dm. Craekl ai't Smith hs\ i ! the new membm. All are invited to 
been sMV aseietied bj Dr. J. W. J« j attend thi* wrvice and listen to (he 
..'!'•■ ;■.■,■-! ln:^ i-'r.t- : - ,, j parting wordi of Dr. Crook*. Bobjeet 

~ . ('rook* will Kit tho pulpit 8un for MnnJuv- sigkt, "Keeping the 
day 11 S, at., wlHting for uU sul> |Fsith." 


Notice. — A real treat it in itore for 
' the citizen* of St. Lottia, Mo. Our own 
Dr. r. H. ' V...J. . of Uttle Bock, Ark., 
■mo of the best Gospel ministers of to» 
<ls;. one who i* known all' over the U. 
>.. a silver tongue -orator, a msster of 
the pulpit, one who ha* called snd bap- 
tiled more convert* than any one man 
1 in the it! tii.> Boats, one whom black 
land whits would rejoice to hear, great 
I crowd* gu to hear this able divine, wilt 
j be in Si. tools during. the last wee* 
. of February, for ten or mors dajs. The 
I psator* of the citj desiriag to have tai* 
minister. to upesk at their lerrien*. 
da well to writ* bin, sskiag.for 

Address him, at No. 1315 Wright Ave 
ane, Little Bock, Ark. ■ 

—From The New Orleans Neva, The 
K O. Herald. 


AccardiDg to reports, v.. H. N «■«■-■ ■. ■--. 
an inanrsnee' agent of this city, css- 
pIby*d"ftrTke past-.ehw | e»*ss -j & 
tae Oarer Leaf Casualty Co., gfJaek'. 
■onvilte, I1L, ha* been transferred by, 
the Company to lodiana^wliii. Intl.. to 
tske charge °f the distrtet nSce of 
that ettjr, bsginsiog sbout April 1M. 
rotii thi* time, air. Kewsome will t£o 
spseisl work for the Companj througa> 
W"— Uisseiui, Illinois sad ' Ki*n- 
lurh.v. The trsimfer comes as sa sgiee- 
ablc anrpriae to Mr. Newsome bwaosc 
it gives him a tm.a.i.r Held to work asd 
it i* oadersued tas ehaafe i» s re- 
ward for faithful service, sad so doubt 
hs will MSks good in his new Beld ef 
labor as he ha* dose io the eily. 

Ha wish sa to thank his man- poliey- 
holders sad the geaeral pnblie, for their 
leyal snpport which hs* mad* it fea- 
sible far Vim to receive inch n-inid-ia 
lion from s company that has tkrewa 
down. ike barrier to. colored people Is 
fear ee Its ef tin SBadte'stato*; sntae- 
•hisg thi no atasr -hit* heaiu s-1 
accident eempanj ha* dose. Mr. KsajSj 
au statas that he is S s sw as s l t y *u,^r 
-rteiag tew- lisjaf .;.-» 4*»»aa- dek» u 
resposaible and skilled njretita. who aw 
fettl wfa snanifset the saane 
is/eaeh poiicv soldV that he did htpwl 
»K'iuil Mp rkew Tatsraa I sy sl ♦»■ 
the assigned sgent and companr 
fttters as thej ha« r bees ia tk 
sad tkwr* win be wa mawas* da 
lag trsseed the Clover Leaf Casualty 
essnesuiT for aay assa s aw as ■ " 


The ft, Ixiui* Evening F.vangelici 

Alliance held an int^reatias mcietine I 

Providence,' Monday sight. The 133d 

Faalm- was discoased by Reverend* 
by, PUlilpa, and Pteket* Everyos* 
present eajoyed the meeting. Rev. Dr. 
Peek, of St. James A. M. E. Ckorcb, 
wn* appoiatod Chairman of the '"'Es- 
t'l-iitive Comsiittee," sad Rev. Dr. 

Washington, of the Presbyteriaa 

Church. Chairman of the "Bible Stady 
Dsittac." A aaasbcr of ladica unit 

ed_wilh the Alliaaee last Monday night. 
Dr. Jones will address the Alliance 

next. Monday night at ° p. m. Lsrt sll 
a thsir place* st the opening of 

the nesting. Rev. Dr. Cola will spcah 
:t Sunday morning no "How (tod 

Otvss the Victory." Hear the ehwir 

at Providenee' sad be eSaviaeed thai. 

they are destined to be frost User*. 

Taste will be s hewsft matntee est 

iu. si .the.. &w«« 

WaakiBgUra Theater. \:M) tt I a, a. 

Tssa la tkav tnst eatenaiaaieai gives 
for the ssttUmi st for over a year and 
wa hswrn saw asm waB r asaisd essaaa- 
naary. Thekata ses *«!y 10 real* 

,J. A,. Cressasw, A 
r gifa. ««. entrant, J. K. Thssast 
•as, *, aVsass, W. P. ssslfs,. at B. 

C. at TVsaaae. sssssdwat; J- . 

Bev. K H. Ols last (anaday awrobsg 

aad !»-■»» 


are with«st •war- 
TV* shsuKh feast' gf*Sd- 
ly bewedted ay ase mw a rhl ag' of eke 

Mats* Vtrght aXas, ska l 
jsmesU sea sd Mr. asd Ms*. 
Aitea, ■•# sMM Pairfas, asm a, « 

Our Educational Committee baa juat 
closed a contract with the Manager 
of the Ntw Grand Central Theater to 
■bow Winston Churchill '« "Crista 
February 12, Lincoln's birthday. 

A thoroughly interested audience lii- 
taaed to the years report* of Wheat- 
ley Branch Y. W. C, A., Friday ese- 
alag at the Annual Masting. Many 
were lurpriacd 'at Ihs alow' hat very 
sere growfa ft tit work of "Wbeettey 
Braeoh. . A-sassd- i i yei as will be fsa- 
iisa^^-Bestsrestai'ijcixta,' ^-.: 

Beginning Thu radar, Febirnary 
wholasome meala may bis sseared in the 
Y. W. C. A. lunchroom. 

Any girl or young woman furnish- 
ing desirable references nan secure em- 
ployment through our Employment of- 
fice. Members served free ef charge. 

The members nf the Thurarlsy Eve- 
ning Physical Clss* are having s grest 
time. 1 

Mr. T. Theodore Taylor's appearance 
in s Piano Recital Tuesday evening 
was an occasion of reel enjoyment to 
music "lovers. The voice of oar favor- 
ite tenor, Mr. J. Arthur Freeman, 
thrilled the andienee with its usual 

Vesper Services st 4:43 Sunday "a f 
ternoon. Asoelal hour will follow the 


Last Sunday, the pastor, Dr. W. B. 
Johnson, selected -for his discourse, 
"Make room far Jesus." Those who 
heard him said it was the beat ser- 
mon delivered by him since coming to 
the city. The Holy Spirit wa* fait by 
many and quite a few aeeepted the 
tems of salvation aad east their lot 
with us. St. Psulsesm* to bs- ia a 
preying tn*»d jott now, aad tbn pss- 

*»Yi*irJTJsn¥wf'%e 'SfVia |awJSwisg t S^:i 
soul winning revival. Don't fail -to 
hesr him Sunday morning snd nigbt an 
both sermon* are msaterly - efforts. 
Btrangeirs eerdlaUy tnvited. — '— ■ ■— — 

Whits people who hsve bought more 
than one thonssnd lots In old Klnloch 
Park ease been paying the'saine prices 
on the nme terms ss the Colored peo- 
ply who hSve bought In South Kinfeteh 
Park. If thero ia any difference, the 
Colored people have, been getting the 
best ef it, because Couth Klnloch Park 

. nearer the city and ha* better street 

ur serriee. 

The good Colored people of Booth 

Klnloek Park hsve bnllt themselves s 
little etty of which they have a right 
to be prend. 

More than s hundred bones, three 
churches, and a sjdsndid public sehnot 
have been built ia the last few years. 

And now we have something new 
that is going to mean s bigger snd bet- 
ter South Kinlivh Park. 

Wa hare been able to induce a num- 
ber of wklre people of good standing 
o come in with en snd co-operate sritb 
is — to help with their money, thslr In- 

nueaee end their good will to make 
South Khuoch Park s bigger sad bet- 
ter place for the self- respect in g Neer-o 
to live and mske his borne. 

We have given 'these-' people n bin 
share ef oar profit* in order to grt 
tfaeir help. breenM ws betlevo it is for 
tke hrncrl t of evsvybody eoeeerssd. 

We aaee always been ready- to give 
bind to the ehnrehes st a nominal price 
— beesass wu believed they would help 
Booth KinWh Park. 

W* base always bscsi ready to give 
■and to schools and pnblie ; Institutions 
at a n rnninal price — because ws believed 
they would kelp South Klnloch Park. 
And new wl are giving tend to a err- 
in number of white peoplo of good 
steading, st s nominsl price beeaase 

we believe their mosey, their influcnc- 
snd tkeir good win ere going to kelp 
Snath Kinloeh Perk. 

i have aay friends who have 
hwaa. jaiaJOag of busing, wes. th«m„tn. 
eoms out' sow, baesase there are bigger 
and better things la store for Strath 
Klaloeh Park. 


„ eongregatioa listened to Dr. 

Peck "Soriday morning in *hia masterly 
sermon to the gradoatee - of Sumner 
High School on "Character BnUdiag." 
As the yuung pdople sat, eagerly drink- 
ing In every word ea it elaqneatly fell 
from hie lips, he graphically told the 
stflry of how Ood commended Mooes 
to build the '"Ark of the Covenant," 
and in It* construction to us* nothing 
bot the best and moat costly material. 
Ho appealed to the clss* to emulate 
the example of Moses' and in tain for- 
mation of their chsractcr to ate noth- 
ing but the best. We 'hops the im- - 
pression will be Issting and helpful to , 
",e Jsnnsry Class of 1017. 

The Senior Endeavor gave a social 
st the rcddenee of Mrs. Oscar Ficklin, 
Friday, Jnnusry Sfl. An enjoyable eve 
ni njt was spent. Among the guests pros 
est were the Misses Ret* end mother, 
of-Sfc st ash ■■■■■■■ ■ . 

We are delighted to report Mrs. Peek 
very nseh unproved. • She will leave 
early psrt of the weak for Ksn- 
City, with her mother, where ah» 
will spend a few weeks to recuperate. 
If yon want strong "Ouspel Meat" 
worship at St. Jsmea. 


Dr. Z. E. MaOee is a soaderfnl gos- 
pel pswscher. many are coming la the 
chnrck. The Doctor wilt preach • *pe- 
rial aermoa Sunday morning on the 
•abject, "The Fundamental* of Tree 
Beligioa," aad st 8. p. m. his •abject 
will be, '.'Why Not Make Use of 
Tkeeit" This will elese the revival. 
Dr. Meeeley truly understood bow to 
heads* a church and men especially, far 
all seem to love kim, so mask so, sniil 
they ar* gedag to get him sa estosDO- 
bile Dr. 1* naeley will baptise SUsdsy 
at S it as. AR an invited to bs etcea- 


Tse Sevesf Chaeek tssiitist Uaioa sset 

January », with Bsmnta Avsnus Bap 

that Orsrea, B«v. Oco. W. Oaunos*, 

poll m Th« msstieg was sa iseparLsg 

ase both irprrrraawly s*d aaaacially 

The sermon by Freatdeat Hall, from 

Epk. 1 :5, was indeed * soutslirrtsg o«*. 

« ail asact »»f*ss that Bsr. BsJl U 

. wowderfal a^arpel ptemehef Paetof 

Clswaua* ui hi. peoplo most be coao- 

auked foe taaif spirit *f giving- »i»K 

v Praysr. Neat sasetaag to bs h*W 

at Mt. Ottvw Baptist Charsh. 140S Mot- 

ama, fat th* Pilgnis Bapuat Cbarck, 

Bsw Masse, pastor nwrmoa to be 

preached by Bev. E. B. Msssm. fftag 

Dw-^oDeetien 9SM. B es^ d e e sisa, R*»- 
J W Hall, Pres.: Bsv. A. J- Disss*. 
Tisa-Pres.; Bev. K. U htetaa, **■■*■ 
B. Mases. ass. Bee-! B. kt Celbsa. Be- 

ias» at. IS* as, 

aad friends to be present Saaoey, ; 
the ehnreh wiihe* to reimbersa adM f 
his service; Those that received eati 
opes please br jag aaem la Bunday. 


lergi eon 

^ **%..n|sw%%a*ss»wa»Vr«am 

Ipoultry pointers^ 

flwjha. .lata, sa seel*, m ■■ 

Ttie practice of poultry feed lug. 
while governed largelj by circum- 
stances. Should ae far ae possible be 
confined to the regular routine, 

A ben eats approitmnteiy three to 
four ounces e day. or about six pounds 
a month. The amount fed each day 
varie* with the appetite of the bird. ' 

The enccesa of egg production de- 
pends largely upon the activity of the 
bird. The ressocj the Leghorn* excel 
lo egg production Is largely becasee 
they keep thenuetvee in good physical 
condition. Ttwy exercise. 

It has bees found that a few thor- 
ough applications of erode petroleum 
to the interior of poultry houses arm 
destroy completely the common red* 
mite infesting chickens. 

The ben that la first off the roost In 
the morning, keeps busy during tas 
day and Is the' last to go to twee* at 
night le the profitable hen. 

it wUI pay the poultry k eeper to 
nail up cracks In the back, aldee and 
root of hie ressMtouse, 

Some birds have the disposition to 
fstt-'rtesws«; •WaesnaTasW tt' en- 
forced. This is especial I y true ef the 
heavier brseda. 

Overfeeding causes inactivity, which 
will be euanlfesied by ae holes being 
dug tn the strsw. 

The akul ef the poultry feeder le 
tested by the manner la which bs enss- 
pela the bens to eierclae. 

It Is not the large tarkers test are 

that are pretty and ernootb. - 

There IS no danger of unileaillag 
prorldlo-; tbt- birds ere nsspetied to 
take aoflirteiit exeredse. 

The hen that Is Insctlvs and shows 


Tats. «T. 10U1B AJtOOS 



Mr*. K«0 Brow, HiMikN la i 


Watch (or tie pUv, "Can** aad Ef- 
fMta," it Unioa Memorial, Mink «. 

Mr*. John French of Chicago, in tko 
boom pint ef Mr*. Geo, Anderson far 
ft few day*. 

Dr. J. E. Hurt, of 1520 Oootk. 
coiled to Haehville, Tcbb., to attead the 
faaera] of hi* father, K*v T. G. Lewi* 

Mr- The-. Mrabj. of the MoebrDiag 
Star*, JeSeraoa ud Wuhiagtoa, haa 
returned from ■ buiiHt trip to [jt 

Tar Violet Whiet Club wa* ei 
ia*d. at tho midnii o( Mr. aad 
"l lloli.ter, 46*0 Wen* Belle, 

Hrdaeeday c»enii([. 

Mr*. W. it. Hill Htom in ad wits, a 
' reception Thuraday etrniag in 

of Mra. Xtuk ru««- Hart. tW 


Ml*. 'Aba Cijw, of' 1 araatagroa. 
recovering from ■ aright opera ti 
Friend* bit call to m bar at bev Bat- 
ter'., Mr. Westly noma, 


TV* thirty lr»t «jumI party given 
by Mr. Jm. W. Gnat, ia hoaor of the 
gradaate. b1 tba Pythian. Hall Audi- 
torial*, t'riday cveaaig, January £*!, 
m ' undeniably the friiilit «uree*ui 
attained. V '■« «id TnnnatfnrT BtnbB 
«a3><£*$t nf Ai^-jtuAt; -fojiEi is ita 
•U Trsc Kcfonaer* Ball Baeiaty 
availed itself of tba opportunity far 
■■ nnii( of rare aajoji— it and 

tbt affair will lokg b* wKmtmkmti 

by the ***art oat. 

Tba Tea Ten*. Club atet with Mr. 
CKflonl Timer. <4fX Chatham Ave., 
Satarday, Jbbbojt Jt. 

Mr. Elijah (IUUbb.. father of Prof. 
Mama liillUav 4M7 Wort Ball*, i* 
convateaeeat ifta irwl'i jITbii 

The l'raa Fran-a dab will.] 

ith Mim Blurbe -Bauiatar, 1717 
Goad* Ave, Meadav, February 5. 

TW Bachelor Girt* Club will be ea- 
lartaiaad at Iba boat* af pr. aad Mr*. 

F. S.. TtuBU aalurday, February 3. 

l aV B. lwaasvVaUaa. Proa. 

Mrs. Marie Curlin, of KOU .V. Gar 

wh called to Cheater. ITL, 

attend the funeral of her aaat, Un. 

Ken**, who *m 

Mi** J. K. Terrell, of BortoaL Ma- 
tu the welcome guert for a few dayi 
of her frirad, Mr. (>. Tillman, 3*37 
LindeU. She. will leave Snndny far 
Pulton, Ky.. to vinit her 

Mr*. P. DarU gave a w aepbe a >a 

of her bob ia law, Mr. H. O. Ai 
i. Jaa. SBtfc, U tba iwidme* ef 
Mr*. A lie*. «Ct W. Cabaaae 
Theae aeeanit were Mr. Brawn, Mia. G. 
Lac a j aad Mr. TWa. BelL ■ 

Mr. Jaaiea M. TVetatoa, 417> Wo-t 
Bell.>. wha ww oa* of tba iajaroi 

eapaata ia tba aakaawWta ao ri de a 
eauplo of week* age, ha able to be at 
hia taaaorial porisra. MM Wi 
Ud ■ *rl> harr gratafeS aad 
hia tfgSawa far « 
dariai hi* illaaa 

.Cnt quarter It 

Saada.T, Pobroar* i, 

eabe, P. E., will prraeh. Bar: 

Z. Bo- 1**, paator. 

Tba •"!-!"■ ■ dab raet at the 

haafcaaaj of Mr*, iwjaaei Fbibaa, <3W 

K. M ark et atJaat. Job. lit A a 
waa apaat la wart, after ahich the 

eat aarawl • de*i«4«faJ 
bmlinml wtteh waa aajare* by all TW 
Boat anliig win W at tba rinl*ii a/ 
' Mr.. J. V*au, «Ma Cata BrUlaaat. Pew.' 
UW Mre. C, L Trim, a f de a t., Mr» 
0. awaawat, ' liallaall. Itja, I. Bar. 

TW Baaat Calta-re Hab bead Ml *»*, 
aary ll'H wafeb M ra. Ua W. CaaaV 

aaaa*. TW ' 

Mr*. Nf lint bad a few friend* to 
Iwaeh with Mr*. Haataa of Detroit aad 
Mia. Preach af Chkaeo laat Tfaunoa v. 
They were Meadwaea It. E. Oordon, -Nel- 
lie Afaa, C H. Pbillipa, Albert Barfeaa, 

(t, Hvi—a aad C. E. BaniML 

That rooaa eaa aaoa W raated. A* 
airlaa* ia TWa Areaa. 

TW Bayal Society Eaabroidery Club 
aaet at tW reaidaan of Mr*. A. Wood, 

333* Until* avenue. Jaaaary i5. There 

waa aat Maca work datae beeaow of 
rleetiaa of oBken. Mr*, ft. K. Browa, 
la E. K, ' WUaaa, Tiee- 
it; Mtaa L Kbaara, secretary; 
Mra. S. A. Waahiafloa. aaai ataat r ectg; Mra. B. (" Btartaa . tr aa ja rer; 
Mr* S. D. Erria, chaplain; Mra. D. tS. 
Eraaa, ebaiiaaaa nf flower eommitlee; 
Mm J. ft. Wjatt, reporter; Mra. I- B. 
Afee. eritir. After eloe t aa w of oaVer* 
the Wateaaaened a dellcwB* Ta a e k eoa . 
TW aeat aurtiaa; • .11 be at Mra. L. B. 
Ape. 3«J S. LcflUea eH, Feb. S2, 

TW Caraalioa Eaabwiderr « tnS avt 
ia tba** aaaathhr ajattiag Jaa. -!f>. at 
tW raajaraai af Mra, Aataada Weada, 
ZV5 Marfaa. TW ■aeaiben xpeat a dc- 
lijktfsl afteraoea aad aloe elected of 
Mit$: Mra. E. A. waaaaata. prMia'at : 
Mm L. I* Lambert, aecre ta/y ; U n. J. 
Bhutan. Mra. Paaay 
Mr*. ■ A ma ad* 
... Viola Andrew*. 

wait* » r*ry detifhtful 
Tba aext BMet- 
■aaaea -f " 
PrWat, fJt LefaafweO. Feb. S5. 

TW Marrted Lawan' Xecdle Crab net 
Ptalay. Jaa. f*. at tba raatdraee ef Mr*. 
K- Baw ■ m I. -MIT Oaabraa- 'Xaa, -*iti 
14 awaaWfa Bad three ritttnr* prraeflt. 
TW-Twatiae; aaaafli awae: Mrs. Mar 
aaall KasVr. Mra. tiara Bate* aad Mm. 
AaBaawa Vaad. The Bewaideat, Mr*. 
I raa TTraarhlr. waa aatk aad rwaM not 
W pre a ewl. After beaiaeaa boar* i 
eatrtaiaed by fjaeaea pat 
by tW tiatan . Mra. J. Oarti. araa t he 
•f tW ateaMTT eaa teet Mra. 
Bn. Sarik Da 


Staphoa Wilaon , ,SB2» Lawtoo 

Mra. Virata B. Heard I7S» Adam. 

William ML Terrell «7S Larky 

Mra. Liriie L. Callander 

.,..../. 423S 8aeramt>nto 

Harry Alfred. X70B Morgan 

Etta Hatftald e«40 Bernard 

Baby L. .BnUh .44S2 Maffltt 

Edith Da-eta 442Z M.mtt 

William Wood* .£. St. Lania, 111. 

Mm Maceie Oraar. .. .E. MfTLaala, 111. 

William amith fBSI Liwtoa 

Ruble t*Mt y ...•:.;. . . . . .2*38 Bawfbn 

Obit 7. L. aikrell . .1309A Wa.hia^a 

8IS8 Morgan 

Jeaac 'A. Oaaton. ;... 

Cora Brook* 

Ott'i Holland 

..Kirkwood, M.i 
..Kirkwood, Mo. 
. ...2W9 Market 

.E. St. Loai*, 111. 
E. St. Louie, III 

SO! N. 11th 
.AOfi S. GarrlwiM 

Clayton, Mo. 

..Kirkwood, Mo. 


...Baldwio. Mo 
.ChoiterAald, Mo. 

Annette Woods' 

Goo. Learia . . . ^-. . . . 
Lillian Miag ■ 

Gilbert Heteaeoatp. . 
Miaaia BreckUridge. 

Oaa. Washington, City Hotpltal . . . , 68 

Dell* Alexander, S»18 Ea-toa 3R 

John Boyd, 8H N. 20th. €3 

Cor* UeBride, 1413 Morgan..., 43 

Pearl Sander*. SflSft Luau H 

Albert, 13S4 Sprnae.... 3 mo. 

Andrew CbiI~S, SSS9 Market 84 

Carrie N'khol*, 3400 LawtOB 40 

Barah BdUer, 13.11 Papin M 

Mark Clayton, 22£4 Morfaji 3D 

Tillie Pettiford, 804 Market (rear). .40 

Caaey Joura, S233 Weak 83 

Iatdore Hbaffnet, 4277A Lueky 2!' 

, ArJn» Jhekn-Pii, 7n:i \.~ Itili ..'... / - '■ 
AriU-aE ^fiarroa,'" -ttJii ' &. Ktjf; X 
Mary Orwell, 4363 N. Market... 
MBte Hamilton, 1326 Franklin. . 
Frank Jnekeoa, HSO Biddle.;... 
Phillip H. Mnrray, 2837 Piao... 

Maria Smith, 4331 Maffltt 

Qoecnie Uoare, 9026 Lawton 

EI*sm Baldwin, 313fl .Chertnut. ..". 
Benlab Andrraon, $20 K. 12th.... 

Ellrabetb Williama, 390t Fair 34 

JbBa Johnaoti, ltit* Clark 

Andrew HopkiB*, 4318 NatL Brldgr>.Al 
Charlie Thompaon, 3(118 Lncu.....".S8 
Wa*h Wilber, 1103 N. 13th. ■..„... 43 

Wm. Walker, SHSfi Morgan 

Llrxie Wymi, M s, Leonard 

Clarenee Byrd. Jr., 3101 Laelede.: 

Rarhel Jahnaon. !;■".: W. Hello 

Mildred Banner, 3423 Hickory..! 
Wljletta Franklin, >»■ Pine. .. . . , 
Virginia ChVr. Crty aa-nitariam . . . 
John H. MeCload, 1418 Miehigan 8 mo. 
rMnford Butt, 3520 Cntzent ( 

teat. TW | 

■ wrw eajared by alL 

m After aerriag, a pea- 
kaat »»• waa by Mra. Masd 
Mm Leant Gaaal 
Mr*. Maria rartia. a rn atajy; Mm 
artee . TW aoat Be* 
*rB< W with aba. eawak Daiia. 433S 

at tba real 

Mm Nelli- 

aaaa> Mm laaara SaaHb had a paper *» 
TW y**f aTaaaaa aa awaaweau TW aW 
Art: Mm KayaVa Ca-v 
batL TW !!*«*• w ***** 
a-a.Warb: Maa. V. 1" I 

lawjaatBai aTii Ua 

Meyem. Ja hfaaie. Mm wf.- P Cartia 

aatam af !W»i Bettlaaieat Work: 

■,■ nlln aaabaaa aa "aWja*av" by 

^Ta- Mb-.' AaaJaa Pbaiaa- ia a aaf-r aa 

Mra. C. A. Bogg* agreeably *ofpri»cd 
her buaband, Chaa. Bogg*. by eDtertal] 
ing quite a Bomber of their frten*f* i 
honor of hi* 39th birthday. Nearly two 
hundred gueata took fc;h in Ike eck-hrn 
Uob, which contiBuc 3 ■ .'-in til the »« 
hour*. Mnaia by an orefaeatra addr>! 
merriaient to the oeeaiion and aUo 
their beaatifnl Teaidenea at 3043 Plao 
■treat, which waa tarte fully deoorated. 

Mr. Bogg* >u born in St. Ijiui. 
Hia father, Rer. P. G. Bogg*. ii oae of 
:bo jiitiin-rr ritiirn* ol thii city, 
heiag one of tbe first faaiilie* to *ettl# 
portion of tbe city called Edward* 


Bogg* waa educated ia ths 
aebool* of St. Louis, alao attending Lin- 
cola Institute, beginning bia career b* 
a waiter ia 1897, in which ho wal very 
aafuL He araa married to Mia* 

y%rnr A. Mania of Cairo. III., Hareh 
"' 1897, dangbter of Wm. T. Martin, 
oaa of Cairo '* prominrnt familiea. 

He ; started ia.-ha*ina*»- gajaaa eaaapa ■■ 
kaeper in 1911 at £901 Lawtoo avenoe, 
with a very proaperona bniinea*. Two 
year* liter he parehaaed the beautiful 
auaoion at Gen. John W. Noli)i\ for 
merly r<ecretary of Interior of in-- 
ratted State*, as hi* preeeat re*idenc>'. 
It ia oae ef the raaat beautifol home* 
■a rlt. I..-1JH owned by Negroe*. He i* 
eiinBidered a* oae of Ht l.,jui«' lead' 


TW Pradenee Crandall Clnb met at 
the reetdeaea of Mia* JnHa Davia, 4887 
BL Laaja arenae. TW followiaf work* 
af Nathaniel Hawthorne were di«- 
l mil 1 The Great Stone Pace, review' 
ed by ML*a Eaacdy; The Hoaaa ef 
Save* Gable*, by Miaa J. Davie) TW 
Scarlet Letter, reviewed by tbe_ men, 
ban. Mum Dieh*o» waa teaobar.' 

rWyaat w Jl W th- foartb American 
aathor to be rtndied. Serf aieatiae 

0t MhmKeUie Oran 
IN* Good* -ataaaav Feb. £4. 

<) J. lweh»oe,'fV*a<a>at 
J. ft. Dar-i*, Saaratary. 

Mr*. John Smith, mother of Mr 
Mamie O. Trice, paued to rost Suoda 
Jan. 38, 1917. 

Mra. Johnson, nimt of Miss I..-..' 
BUjrj-j djed Saturdny, Jan, 27, at thi 
raaiderjcc of Mr. Root Story. 

Tueadar, arffl 
Id at Hi- Mark* t nureh Sunday 
ttl p. in, under (he auapieea of Oil 
Lodge So. 17 A. F. and A. M 


loring memory of my ton. John 

orhran, who departed" thin life or 
year ago, February 2, 1918. 

A precious one from u* ha* pone, 
TW voice we love ia atill 
A place i* vacant in onr home, 
"Which Bttat can be fllled. 

In the graveyard, aoftly ■leeping; . 
"Where the flower* gently wave, 
ties tbe onn I loved *o dearly; 
n hi« lonely, mlent grrare. 

Sadly miseed by mother. 

Mr*. Bnth afwllaj 


la loving memory of mv mother. Mr*. 
Eather Barton, who departed thi* life 
January fa, l»l«. 

A precinui one from oa ha* gone. 

The vatee w* love i« BtiTt 

place i* yacant in onr home, 


Bv the aid* of her an dear 

It ihall never W forgot 
fear one* laid hia in itonne Terre 

We lamented. "He i* n'ot'' 

I little town of Bonne T*rre 
9L Loal*' children eanaot forget 
Nor nover ceaae (o hold thee dear 
.Tort think of onr Hero, Ren Hlewe!' 

la loving remembrance of our' In 
meated Superintendent. Written by 
lia M. William*. Cottage Arena* 
eVboel, Room So. 1. 


W* wiah Jo eateail onr «incer» thiok" 
f' J tka many floral offrrinjA aad for th» 
(•apathy of otir relative* "and friend 
in onr berea«ement through the drat* 
of aar ana,- rwa, TWrnnaon; who dle^ 
J >*aa ry 3T. . 

" We alao wi*b" to t»ank*a>v. J. TS*' 
ton far hi* eonaoling.wnrd*: aim Mr 
fla i aWa aad the pallbearer* for tkeie 

. WiBlstVaa-a-a^aadJaatHy 


Faciat 1 M usage 

Do You Believe in 7 
Safety First in Hair Culture • 

If 10 Stirt Ri S kl aad luarc 5wJ-*t >y Dfaag 

'The Slaughter System" 

AMD ' 

■ Lyd*'*,Hrir Beau&Fver 

.- Trade Mark. Re«. U S. P.tant Office 

Guaranteed to Grow Hair in Six 

money refunded. We handle Human Hair GooaW at 


E. Slaughter Gamble 


3001 Lawton Ave. St Lonis. Mo. 


■3S a^»*V 

F<* ear mannt-*! rt-h. m Ham 

rv*Bfw™t UsU CmM ■aaaBBBBBBaP^BBBBBW 

• ad Hr.j,, luclud- ^H ^^k 

lair all IraUmu. aBBBBj B^H 

>CUP lalUW 

mxju. *i.(.*t J . ■mawhaaaal 




the- tewtb ariO **t W BBW, 
liaually bnahiaa; off. 

The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO, 614 Olive St . 

hhuiebxt arm awsTUM Dorrai, u< ■. . ^ 

Sum than. i Wntit a 




Caaraaaraal to analaca a health v laiariaat hraarth 
oflW **«f deiacHva baar 

.rcAt srcABS pir twb market 

Mr.. V'.cfo,.*. Ct*yHal*y 
ZUt N. JiMi i i i i Ava. H. LaaaV, JK*. 


S. E. Cor. Pendleton and St. Ferdinand Ave*. 

In addition to rjiy Fish and Vegetable Market. 
I haveopened arKtther»*i>re*4"J4 N. fendleton 
Ave. s.I carry' a first cSa*w lihe of r'neaa Meats. 
Dreased Poultry and Eggs. Fre*b Fata. Ora- 
ten, Shrhnp8, Lortetten and Froar !>•«.*. Pota- 
toes, iinji.ns. Cabbage, LaHtuce. Cauliflower 
and Celery. Orange*, Lenw*is. Bananaa, Ap~ 
pleri and Straw her rSe*. 

In my Confec-txmery I W-part merit I have 
the very best Home Made Candiea. Clioror- 
lateq and all dainty uoods. ParaM 'orders 

Lindell 4722 

Stanley Green 



Ttoteavy Eacrtwa#Ckartwvd Cawared 

Ceinetery n> ttas V trinity at Ut. L*ju». 
ll-rlaa-Sertanaa Free Care as Ulati mi 6ri*«a 

f*ICE at 10T5 J25 t. Jlss) V. sVaU Ftaas 1 s. » Ma. asasash 

Watah far tie play, "Caaaa aad Kf 
fecta," at Daiaa ■ af eatortnl, March 9. 


"■* aa!» Interaat t*t ay real 
t->*raa*te baataea* ia aad aroaaal Baler 
oat Teraea. Osmlasu, ta rtgwt hind 
B*a I We* ajw aia. peaaflvat lota 
at Bolev, Ohl*. aaaala'tt-a of lASS 
peoaa* aad 3M lata a*. Teraea _ Ohla 
h **»*.. with abawt SO* pu p i l , bath at- 
i II —In Xejtrn to a aa T »Iw haadto 
fa*ai bead arwtad tff* two lawaa. aad 


Child over 5 years and 
« 1 year " 

Child c 

1« years 


• M 


TO HAVE All THE MX*SJf Msf s W I iJ s sUla ; FIEE TEflTT in rainy 
waathei. kjwe n na; derares. F— elwytiaa ia awMlui a> aasa asssst sssssl 
a^ttieaaaat Every «Sort » bamar -aaam to apt* our fkstapis a eeiJ 
kept, hieh grade mrjetery Sura-taatasJ mpnmmmmtm have been 
arranged for, and the wnrk srill be beariia certy in the aaannar. 

Keay aeraea* have aawhaa.J Waar* baoaal ka a* at hawaaa ■ 
-~ lh.*awkB>aWb*aawr af aW Caaaaa* 
ba aaaal W awa an y aa* aaaara 

Cail aValt ICarkaaaw*. »7-W 


ba*~ as** at *&• taaaa. 

tmf a 


ST. LOUIS ■/ . 

Negro Business 


I ^H l pwiim uMtf 




Personal, Business and Pro- 
fessional Cards. Bus! ness 
Chances. For Sale or Kent 
Houses, Stores, Plats. 5c per 
line; minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed. For Rent Rooms, Rooms 
and Board. 5c per line: mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display A i- 50c ue r inch 
Special Rate* n4-tir 

1-time Ads. 


rv* eld PiakM ■*•**. J*nw i 

Lenlea I'M- 0*t ItU pnae*. 1 
..... ia aflea iBiitMi bat a* 

Tm Bale a Beautiful lot MalM, witk 
• alee t*r»* rouro haul, sailer. w*Ur to 
ihm, |w, and goad cittern wnte* *a 
th* nlKai, twa porsaee m B«ft| an* 
walk Ma**, laaj j il la treat, aaa* 
Dear! Baaee. Wortk (MM, aaa be 
baafhl far li.HOD ae**.' Ceil *ai~ ' 
•twit, ill Boahaawe Are. Apply at 
UT7 B>k«M A,*M3larteB, Ha. A*k 

tor Beaiel Watte. (Hi) 

FOR SALE: The owner *ay» "•all." 
Thu is the 1*M bar^aio on »'. Belle. 
A live »ri : *ii room »ingk' flat. Ore 
and atottTi* Hatnrea. Ia Ar»t tleei 
condition. T«tid> to fail. Hee J- E. 
ililehell. OB Mirk.! .'none, Horn. 


oicnt roam*, Sll 

l.indcli 14J.W 

light I.e. 

■ Ant fi 


FOR KENT; One famubcd room, 
irriiml'l' real modern convenience. 
2621 Hafte* Place. <l-l»-l-> 

FOB BENT.— Three .ingle room. 
and hath, fnra.i*hed; electric light* and 
telephone fr*t. FuTMt 3S!*!iM. 

aQ£NT8 WANTED: Lady agent* 
wanted to tolicil for » reliant* loua* 
— apply Mr. Meyer, 4)0 Glaik Att^ 
between 1 and 4 p. m. (4 Ifi 2£> 


WANTED — *£_ building owkin, 

Meady mijiliijliriil. tlowd wi(M 

CoheeSwerti Rail and Html Co.. 13 

lumen et 

WANTED—Jien for wnr *otk. 
■irad* >>ti. tarn ajM 1 work, Apply 
■ t tha Oitt .K.I." Sew* Co., 2.TOT Mar 

FOB. REXT: Two kite furflltlwd 

n«.oi«. .hi-»p. JIW4 Ill/nice 1*1.; in- 
noire at SOW Hanuc e or. nee jaaitur. 
MS S..aij.l* A*r. (11S-4.1 

r\-H RUST: Three n-.Hr iuriiibr! 
ruem*, for rnu'pl^ ur geolleroea. • 141] 
U.I.* Phone.. Lindelt SJS3. 

FOB BEKT— Neatly 
tua , hot aa d «* Id mt< 
eleetfi* lighta, for geatlamaa, 41T4 
Waal Ball* 1-5- IT 

rOB BEST— Neatly renlahed 
room*, modem oeaiaaieaM. Second 
tad ih.M toor Croat Ma EM«a. 3111 
Lawta An., Boamoat ITOS. I 5 U. 

FOB HIM; 1'nrauhad aad aafai- 
aolinl roviBn. thiriJ Aot>r front aid 
batk Oaaap. £TST Lawtoat. .* -^i- 

MEX WASiThU (Sdorwl Bai H a* 
M raara *f ac*. »i»aaii paatti— t 
alaaptaf cat , pwrtan a* t rati pDrtan 
*a Ifiiaonri road*. >nt* far appfte* 
liaa tlaal l 

DTrBB-BAlLWAT, DKTT 11« ••. tnd 

Mnxa — W A MT Kiv-i » aBt 

a jaflaa *iah aaah *l ISnij. la 
pa •aa-aaif Utvnatad track 
kac PMltT a*4 hoc raMac wttk naad 
M Ma La«hr4a. Farai at B^rmriart, 

a**.-.**' aU»a frata rM. L*aia B B 

FOB BfvT F*u raaaa* aaat W«h 
aaaaai l*»f. t«W Waat BaUa. fait 
ia tW avraisc* .«r HaaAaJ Ua4 


. IS34W 't l»4 1 


..rOfiilfft inil Ilaillf'i (™*a«t»I 
.-/■ -ir«i....i*J) him-lt Ui /itr^'aBM* 
t.'iir work;' OfSlif. *2*J Csinft A»a. 

Carpaater and Boildrr Gcaictal n- 
aa ir aa t - All work prornptlr it tended 
lO. ' Call and aer me 233S 


Tuner. Repairer and, 

of Ptanoe Read and Pip* Or-jaa. 

ExiMrt Work Guar**, le*J. 

HiiIuKi.i T.kCA BnBWbai 
702 Lawton Ave. St. | j |f|. 


Irj Ow*. waa> ka . * aaaai at. SyaaLaJ m «aa»aaM a» iji» Oaaraaitaaa k< 

^!Uiu-Ur> firc^, ttix IN BC- OKRia 
. pramdkrat. »*t Weteu St, St 
Laada. at a. 



Similar but DlVarant. 

■lowlf to- 
domldle of tha 
aaaJd. after tae tbcater mod a little ■up- 
per at * awcU branny, whao tha aplrtt 
aaared htm to do a coattodram. 

tomfleU t t Blf l 
wttk haatd 

nSBFtea St. A 

mmi li %!. » ; > Qaaaaa daj 
Bar. X H. taajwaa, a*rat 

ohab. a PEBJUjra, 
■;i«n Ftlnur and biurlar Daearaatr 

.1133 r'a.r Avfb**. 


V .a . -iiia/i iflord to aaaja ct ye 
■vet tl ibej bother you. bare dM 
Cairo trte Gltuci fitted froaa tl 
>!■ P if lean jrcera' utaertaatt*. 

210 Harawt St 



Lktaiid and 

coBtractor. We will arira rear 

or nia hoot* aad fwraiab roe 

terra aad (rrr 

to per for it Fkaa n 

aad repaired. 

"Tbe roee hi red, • 
Tl* rtoUt. art fcbaa. 
I eeed eoaar work 
Aad otbera do too - 


CaB ea mile ear. 


Kaal foldllltd. arettefaM far aa 
• dnnar. Haaay beak ht jea wa 
Bala bfeadaj ^i Twaaaar 
■arty O rWagteaa, Pi iIjBib Bra 

harat (aid fUlad, aad ta wwae far Mt 

W i tk thaat fraaaat » a pew af e» 
raaatee pa ri a n pia aryaeal I ■ 1 1 1 ■, leaad 
fr*a by ear export * 
had reara 

ff.tS: e*M bUetala. r— |eera at a 
tnt aj.0r> Bianlar tjkaaaaa In bi 
taat aad KM 


Streat aad Hat Water lilil i 
A Speculty. AB Keafa ad 
Storee Repaired- Call . . . 

E. M 

■— <™* »• rwae, are araav aaat ae area 

ataaacer fa. tk* Krarra Tear Baak Co. 
eaee taaa baah 
abtarA. It i* * 
eaT taa> aaaa. 

Tba hawk ia ■ it aaat ax eawal . The 

"1 daa-'t kaaw, Oeorre."-ah« atam- 
afand, -krtt | ttbapu it lent Mht- 
™*aa yoe tet f-fulL" 

"So," tte anairered to a 1 one redo- 
bbbS wltk ae tin ear, "it'a becaoee I an 
down to aay taat quarter." 

Uafyeraally Known. 

tUnc" remarked 
the man who 
talaka taralaai 
thoorhta. "that 
ererybody kuowa.'* 
"'Ami what la 
itut r Baked the 
party oi the denae 


"Er ery body 
kuowa that otber 
people make mle- 

tbe uaeleaa think- 

Wat) Cared Far. 

■The Orabcota children are beUui 
rrea ae International education."* 

"What do yon mean by thatr 

They hare two French nu™« 
teraaaa tator. en Italian moeJc teacher, 

RaaeUm dancing maater aad the rep- 
Baaatfatir* aj an imoOTariihad. bat "" 
a* artatocratic family, aa goreraea 

Cold ftarepilaa. 
TDtd yow Bare eny lack wheat <.,„ 

eked Dr. PlUer'a cooaent t* marry hj, 


"Kon* whaterer. Ia fact, he Bammed 
■riireaatuuBl «j r in) pnst-rlbed a 

banc* of aceae la tome apot dlatant 

at aaaa than 1,000 mllea froun hla doml- 



Will Promote a Full Growth of 
Hair, Will' also Restore the 
Strength, Vitality and the Beau- 
ty of the Hair. If your Hair is 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

It you are bothered, with.^Fal-, 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching; Scalp 
rany Ha^r"trouDle,"we''w'arit FOU to* 
is remedy contains, medical proper- 
I ties that go to the roots of the Hair. 
' stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky. Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flpwers. The 
Dest known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
l Color. Can be used with Hot Iron for Straighten- 
| inff. 

Price Sent by Mail. 50c: 10c Extra for Pottage 

I Hiir Cn«, 1 Taawti 

t Bjaeatea. i ft^^»» 

tar Brillaa. BLV4. 
259 Extra far Po*t*£* 

S. D. LYONS, Gen. Aft., 314 E. 24 St. 
Oklahoma City, Oitla. 

For Sale 

4411 1 




.■ » '■' ■ > ■ n am a aai^ eta - a *aaraa» aaat 
e-!— B -wajT--eX^ taea.. JTZS 

Teaaat (Bncrtly)— rm golaf to mora 
he Bret of the month. That honae of 
ware ain't fit for a hog- to lire in. 

Landlord (calmly)— Ah. I aee. So 
hat la why joo are going to more, eat 

The Sequel. 
"Waat'a going 


Hiring had great iatcrett ia the 
bneteaee of hair eulture for the peat 
tan year*, aha baa perfected torougb 
proven •iperimpnt. a preparation 
which aha can now uffer to the public 
that aiaala other like preparation* on 
the market. - She la doing the wo.rk et 
her home, 2T10 tawtoa av*nae,>wkere 
aha iavitea the pnblic that she might 
prove to tk*m tha ifcerita of bar prapa- 
ration. She guarantee! a quick growth 
and aatiafactlon to all customer*. 

Whin other* tall, try her Be-Nn Hair 






"■>-*m *> . "— «* r« *—!• a** d»r- 

- mftPttJtY SOW* ASM. af Aktnu , 


***"*. | Caady aeaaoa ha* juat opened 

a to hare la- Swaa^ «aady" Kitebea. All kind* of 
caady made to order. Caady aada 
-WeU. XHlog by the amy 10 whU. yoe -^t. 

r their hair, they didn't j. ^eUtioa, we will aerra all kind. 
| of hot drink*, punch and chocolate*, hot 
| ekiU aad eyrter atew at aught. Parti** 
, or club* aen-ed by arrmagtmaat. 

Olre n* a eaD aad yoe b* *atl» 

. -be* did yoe earn, try to make -™* J Swu - Trot" 1 * ' 

r wife beUero Itr 

of Siberia 

nOM World 

aararaB ta raeaaawed aata day to bet 
rtcheet taa a wa af to the world, for It 
I a aataraj wealth ae dlreraifled. 
I aa yet almoet uotoocbed. rhat it 
i ao rtraj ia tar old world. How 
t thla wraith la la arhmf*a*aB by A, 
r to La Namra. 



Ererj wotnav 
loraa tore bat 
lore lor ea only 
tha beautiful 

c om p 1 * i i on 
that n beyond 



from pimplae aad blachheada. a fair 
aad beautiful Beck; harraa and anae 
that attract by their magnetic beauty' 
If you would attain theae thing* then 
you will hastily purchaae our beauty 
preparetiana and atart your queat for 
bwauty perfection to-day. Foil treat- 
rnwe, prepaid 11.00; trial baaUaan t Wc 
aavrr by mohct oaom. 


r. Booker T, 

Memorial Clocks and Plaques 

Eitortt. t> Emttrn Caaflittti 
mtioiil Negii sisiMS. Ltipt. 


I: « a «Bm«M Tsm 
II is ■ taadnilsl trs 

**W**(lte**l**.sTM a!L**M 

r m wii) aameda mm 
. ikil Oarnkwi MUBuaaei 

r: hM H.arMa>.Mr* 


, Itnteameet, 

ura. inUtha letait 
• t;l«, ' wouMroehe 

ii*,h OB r | t W rwBr 

fniaihl aad let Iheaa 

^f— hi aaa aaa aBewaSaf 

™waaaTaaa *Iwj« a 

-— i, )-*. L-t«*-CI Vraa 

**■ a l*uar af a ■****! *t 






IB* M. O. I1J J, KB ■ Actlni DUrrtor at 
*• MraduMtol bmHia the isnudj 
Biblt tnsiTiuu e ( Oilaxui ■ 


■**&£ TMff jMVfOH, OF :JHH 

... rr-John 1:1-11. 
OOUMEH TKXT-tw Ood k loved th* 
world, that b* cava his only bcgouea Km. 
thai ehaawsr bsllvvsth In him. alioukl 
sot Ssrlsb, but baia svarLuUng life.— Jobs 
fc* ^^ J . 

Tti! most fatuous Interview In hla- 
' tor j ocm rrrU {ffobmMy i n boms room 
In Jerusalem where Jesus fan a guest, 
■ ram reached by an outer stairway 
■o that b* could iwli* visitor* pri- 

I. Th* Teseber of th* Jew* (TV. 1, 

I). Xlcodemn* waa a member of' the 
asnu.iirlti (Cb. 7:.\)>. Ha belonged to 
th* i'lihii 4i v* wiiu ware much devoted 
' to the scriptures, and In whose band 
th* political affairs were largely 
pUctd by the lWuiaua. There are sev- 
eral feasant why Xlcodmma came to 


crecy. bat that bo came at all waa en- 
<i>uragiug. Be waa more apt to nod 
Jesus at borne In the evening. Be bad 
BKk that be wtabed to' learn, and 
needed a quiet bour, removed frwu 
the crowd. The thing* that Jeans had 
and taught nude Nieodemus 
think that JMna mf(bt be the Ma*- 

laradftDM wanted 
bow to be hit — J or happy. 

II. A Tascber Fran* Ood <vv. M). 
A treat majority of the disciple* of 
Jean* raiTu- from the common people 
(I Our. 138) yet for all dai 
bad the asms iiiisangi . "Ye moat be 
born again." Tbe answer of Jr*u< 
wan according to the cundltJon of the 
man before 'Mm., tbe deepest need of 
his soul Literally, he said. "Vast as- 
suredly, except a man (anyone} be 
born again <anew or from above) be 
cannot enter Ibe ktnajdom of heaven.' 
T* be born anew ramin to be born 
tea in. It marten not what yoor par- 
entage may have been. If any man 
rooldUn witboajt I new birth, Nlco- 
detnna was that man. He waa aural, 
religions and starere, ' The Instrument 
throogh' which tide birth la effeetrre 
la th* word of Gad (I Peter 1 t2S ; 
Ja m ea 1:18; John IS.*.) and the a* 
tbor I* the Holy Spirit (v. 3; Tltna 
S'.M. Water la a symbol of tbe-word 
(Enfe. 5.-3R). Literally translated, 
thla p as sa ge would read. "Kxcept one 
be born of water a*4 wind." And ea 
wtnd **y nnlvefml etmaeut refer* to 
one factor In regeneration, the Spirit, 
ao tbe water manifestly refer* to the 
other element of regrarrstlon, the 
word.'* The main contention I* that 
the weed ta the IsaiiaiuL ut hi the r*. 
ttaaa r k jino , Althoegli not expressly 

+ + + + ■*• -J- + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + # + + + 

Church Directory 

e%gt t 

-le-na tu^ejasti tn^VnU&**I'P<ffnf 
'. Ul- popularity when tha * people 
were ready' 
make him tbelr 
kins. It may bare 
looked to tbe dla- 
ci plea that the 
time bad ' come 
when they would 
be Installed in 
prominent places 
In hla kingdom. 
Trom Hi ix . place 
of popularity and 

Wtc r dssw aa waa a PMcher of hrrael (v. 
1« R. T.) and yet he did not know ao 
fundamental a frwfh aa the new btrth, 
rhosgh th* Old Teatameot taught It. 
III. The rS>eira Dtlrlcutty (w. 0.-J.). 
Tbe werka of the teak aa contrasted 
with the frwlta of tbe Spirit ar* 
-at in the aaalatlae. yet hate 

St Jaanee A. ME. Cbureh, Sl rerd- 
innnd and Pendlaton StraeUt — Sunday, 
Hun day -school, 8:30 a. m, Praaebin|[, 
11 a m., and * p. a. Young P»oplea' 
Hneiatiaa, B to T:'iv. Clan Meeting. 
Tnaaday, »p.a. Bev. William H Peck, 

?>»& Chape* A. JH. K. Ohiiwh Ki*. 

Sonday-achijol, 1:30 p. aa.; Tkurwlar. 

'•eh, Mo.— Snaday, Pr*aehin| 11 a. - 

St. Peten' Al M. £. Church, 
vt and Montcomcry $u., Sunday; 
rVcachina;, UrfW a. in., and SrUU p. 

•n. Sunday-school. I p. m. 
Kov. a a Piteber, pastor. 

tbeat Ihnagir rYhat 
JeaM mid to XlendeMOa (rr. 11-13) 
kt trae.ei* the eerrintarea now, eanerial- 
ry Of the Sew TeeraaaeM. TV-ylr*- 
ilry to tbe' facta wUeh Je**M knew 

tasking them 
Ta he asm I mpttee tha 
la the starting polar at a near life, that 
we anaH rr™w aa a child grows tn he 
■ ■>■• i»'» It r tnth-w to -a perfrrt 
ma aMs tbe meamuw or tbe Mature 
of tbe fnTineaa af CbrtW (Eph. 4 ;»). 
IV. The Leeeae. IHwtrwaaal (r*. 14. 
1.\ r«t. Je»aa betlerrd In object!' 
teecbtag.- and he We refera to 
■lanara hli event fa the early htatory 
-t tbe Jeers aa IllaetraMng Ma hwaeb 
tog. The J w e amj theongh tbe wilder* 
•ee» to.rhe pnanjard tawt became 
weary and fb-mwragiof. and the la- 
1 MtTerly of rbetr 
nitoat flod 

W the nana 

•err freaa tbe bawning. stinging an 

Hah iicei by nWTT «rt naUn 

waa Bar lamam af the httea. ibat t 
. hrraaie fatal Is a few b u a iib . 

they w.Tt> wot 
back Into the fa- 
miliar and tbe 
Storm and Telt. 
The Master 
knew the atorm waa coming when be 
aent thrcu oat upon thnt lake to cross 
to the other aide. It may hare looked 
like fair weather to tbem. There 
may have been no hint from tha air 
at aky of tbe coming alarm. But nil 
the time he knew what they were go- 
ing ta niwt out there upon ibe water. 
And be knowa our way, lie la ac- 
quainted with every itep that Ilea be- 
fore us. We have met no storm 'that 
has not dm blown paat him and wn 
may boldly say with the Paalmlat of 
old, "Jdy time* arc In Thy hand*." 
We can hear him say na we aee toe 
.Mtorm-clouda gathering. "Aa thy day 
so aoalj bb; atrengtb 1-." Hid 
these iliwlplp* known II tin- preaence 
of Ibe storm waa no aigu iliry were 

out of tU» i'ii«i.-t-. and Ibla la as true 
for na. Rut (he storm waa there and 
he had aent tbem into It with Ita con- 
Wilis; in toil. 

Place of Danger. 
The difficulty and danger tst tbeir 
piare was nut beennae of tbe^.tofl. 
They were doing what tbey~iSere ae> 
i'u«imiif.-i to do for they were Dsber- 
j.-'-n on that lake. Neither did their 
difficulty sod danger come from th* 
•torgL Prom their long aouunlutanee 
with that lake they would be familiar 
with morma. But tbelr danger aroae 
berantw of their loyalty to the Mas- 
ter's command. He bad told tbem 
to go to the other aide, knowing that 
U they w 1*1.1. tbey wunld go against 
wind and wave. , Tbey maynot have 
msile nibcli pe u greiw against 
atorm. but at least tbey were headed 
right In the path of obedience; It ta 
In thla petb'Of obedience that the 
Christian meeta the difficulties. 
Bnds be must sometimes go against 
the. stona of public oplniuti, the wind 
that rises In the business world 
times blows .-contrary t& him, and even 
in hla home be may meet dltta-ulUe* 
if, he obeys -the Lord. H to t 
lively easy to run with the storm; It 
la difficult in row Against IL .As 

'any dead flth Can go 
down tha stream, only a Hie 

Saw asston Ibe- •awTeat."- 
Plaoe of tafaty. 

Their aafety casne not beennae of 
their aealoanshlp. They were going* 
not ottly rocitrary to tbe wind, bat 
contrary to tbelr knowledge of how to 
handle tbe boat in such a time of 
•trees. Had tbey exercised tbelr sea- 
DMiMalp ibvy would have tamed 
nl»ut and run before the storm, bat 
hw- s nee the Master had aaM U> au for- 
ward, their loyalty to his ■■oiiimnii'l 
fiwbade tbeoa seeking safety is dto* 
■ ■bedlrtu'e. However, tbey vere Mill 
la tbe ptoee of aafety la suite at tbelr 
seeming rechleemeaa. Neither were 
tbey safe bfraose of tbe seaworthi- 
ness of their boat. However good the 
beat may have been, tbey MSB doing* 
the very thing that their rxperiesre 
told theea wuaM awaaw It. But we 
are Md In errae SB that the Master 
waa watrhing tbeaL He mutd measnre 
tbe wetgbt ol eveey -rave swl the, 
f-irre of evasry blast of wind. Be 
w-nuld know Jnal tbe nMtment to say 
•-F-ea-re. be" otnt"" to 'both wind afid 
waves. It la mat what we see add 
hot what he aee* and know*. 
•• Botes tbe assgtuw'l- fail *mi PT 
the hslrs of ..i| r head wHl 
sever [•!»• ■•• va where tbe waves are 

Bt Mark. A. M. E. Zios fhurts, 
UsuurwsU gad Bernard St.- -HervitM 
at 11-pO a. -m. gundiv-tehool st 1-00 
p. m. Class meeting, Friday evouing st 
8:00. Reverend T. VT. Alttotk, the pas- 
tor, will preach special sermons, morn- 
lag and evening. 

QUINN CHAPEL A. M. E. Church, 
iiil Bewan Sl Preaching, HAD a sl 
and 8.00 p. m Sunday-school. V (AM 
sv Chat meeting, Thurtday. . 

ai !*■ I Rev. T. L. Watson. Pastor 


Walls Av»,— Pnaching Bundavi, 1 
at., sad S p. m. Sunday School, 1 p. 
at. Prayer meeting. Thttradays, 8 p. 
■- Rev. B, L» Clark*, psator. 

Or as t 'a A. M B. Chareh, OTM Bleak 
A v» - Sunday pi-saahlnf at 11 a. m. ud 
I p. ni. Bnnday-sehcwl 1 a, m. Mr. 
BlaekweU, Bupt. Bev. W. H. r.sraoa, 
sutor. Bealdese* 3024 Pisa 8l. 

VTaynan A. M, K. Church, IJrd 
tt'aah Street.— Preaching 11 a. m. and 
1 p. m. Endeavor 0:30 p. fa. f~ 
meejinp; Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer. i 
in* Thursday, 8 p. m. Bev. .\ 
lAobbina, pastor. 
Sunday school, I. '■< p. :i," 

First Baptist Chareh, I3W Clsrk 
Ave— Sunday preaebing II a. st. and 
■> p m. Sunday-school, 9:30 a. m. B 
Y. P. V. tVSQp, m. Preacaing. Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Prsysr 
■seting, Friday 9 p. m. Rev; Wm. O. 
Davis, pastor, -Ubt I^ieiiv 8t. 

First Baptist Hftureh of Klalocb, 


n i 

He knows What Uea before ue. He 
■ awsdd as tats the' ptoee of toil 
stse m ibe place of dlaVsfiy aad 
jer — bat be Is always watching. 

■ad beruuae'of his wat<-hfu!n<»«>t 8ui 
* baa n ii aaaswp o as. Is the place 
of perfect safety, . 

Hundfy^ehool at 16 a 
Bible reading at (1:30 n. m. Weakly 
mestllga, Tuaaday and Thurtday it 8 
p. m. Communion, second Sunday in 
aasb.moaAh. Bov. P. Hopls, pastor: E. 
L. Brows, slat lt. 

Leaaard Avesns Baptist Church: 'If 
8. LeassJrd Avn.~-Huadsy, Preeeaisg 
11:00 a. is. aadS p. m. Saaday 
Bsbeol 1:00 p, m. B. Y. P. 0. •:«* ,. 
Si Prayer kteatisg Waaaeasay sight 
Bev. P. ay. Dsaavaat, Pastor, 
fT4t Watoot. 

Muum/.-n Baptist Church. 1624 
Pspin St, Sunday: Preaching. 31 00 
a. m. and 8:00 p. m. Son day-school 
UM P. no. Prayer meeting. Pridav. 

">r, J: Dongtass tlsrben, .Pastor. 

Northern Baptist Church, 408 K. 
Mtreet — Sunday _aervieea, prayer mi 
tog, 3:30 a. m.; prcsehtng/ll^O a, 
and a p. m.; Sunday -sehoed, 1 p. 
0. ,Y. P. U, fl:30 p, *>.; Minion Cirele^ 
f*»p-BT; eitll Mbnony: prasobiag, 8 
p. m, sseh Wsdnasdayi prayer meeting 
8 -p. m. each Friday. Bev. J. A. Shis I. la 
naaiur, residence, 408 ft "£9rtt 

RsptM «a-*ret,, *m pt»- 
taaching HaoMtya. u a. i,,. |--"= 
aundaj-scboui. p. m. b. 

Bewnd Baptist Cburca, Kinioch 
Park— -Presehing, Sundays, 11 a. m, 
nnd 8 p. m.; Sunday -school, 1 p. n.; 
Weekly meetings, Wednesday and Fri- 
days, 8 p. m. Bev. Timothy Font, flu 
B.„0*rrison Av«., 8t Louis, Putor. 

' Mount Olive Baptist iaurth, 1AW 
V. 12th .^In-fl-ITeacuing every 
day, II a. m., 3 p. m. and B p. m.; 
Banday-school, 1 p. m.; SL Y. P. Tj., o: 3o 
p. tn-i Mission Circle, fourth Sui 
in each month. Bev..D. W. Mi 
Pastor. ■■' , ' ■"■ 

Antiock Baptist Churoh, Kortk Mar 
ket aad Ooede Ave. Preeehiog, 8un 
dsv. at 11 a. m. aad 8 p. m. Busday 
Sslool Ml p. a. a I. P. D. at 8:10 
p. n. Prayac meettng, Wadsasday n 
8 p.- m. Commnaion Servieea. Beeesd 
Bnaday in each mouth. Rev, Wn, L 
Perry, U D. Paator. 8 - 

Baptist Chareh, 

re streets, -Bnaday, 
?■ aa. 

Third :■■:::,■ -'^.-.r 

Utb ' 

prayer u..-.-; i,,' p. u . Preaehlng, i 
n. w,, 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sundsj 
school, 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tnes- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth Sunday in each month Coves 
ant and Communion. Bev. J. W. Hall 
pastor; M. C. Crosby, aiark; Pet. 
Brown, treasurer. 

I'mvidsnc* Baptist Church, tteSaei 
ly and Pendleton Avmsu** — Saodst, 
nresebiug I J a. m. ami 8 p. m. Baa 

^•y-sebool, 1 p. m. B. Y. P. U. T p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Friday 8 p.. m. 
Covenant and I.ord'a Sapper, fourth 
ehindny 3 p, m. Miseios Greta Prayer 
Meeting third Friday, 8:30 p. m. Bev. 
E. Calvin Cols, pastor, 3121 Fair Ave. 

Corinthian Baptist Cbureh, *45 
Antelope, Sunday Preaoaiag, 11:00 t . 
- and 8:00 p. m. Sabbath school 
18:00 a. m.; B. Y. P. IJ^ 8 p. ■'. Wed 
sstdsy: Preaehiog 8:00 p. sl, Pridav; 
Prayer Meeting, 8 p. m., Mtorioa ssys> 
is*, third Friday, 8 p. m. Busines* 
meeting VriSsv befor*" the foortb 
Lord** day in eaeh meata. Bev. Wmj 
Aaseraoa. Pastor. 



Try The Argus / 



Lathers Chars h, ITOI 
Saaday' preaching 
sthooi 1 p. ta. ( 

tiea, Thursday, 8 p. m. Day Ssheei 
•wry day. • a, as.— I p. m. Be*. O. A 

Artury Mem-rial M. E. Churrb, *S» 
Cottage Ave. Sunday- ar ■<■*], 9:30 s 
"i : preaching 11- a. m. and 8 p. a 
Rpworth League, 1 p. m. Class meet 
iflg aad Bible elsss. Wednesday. 8 p 
m. Bar. W -W. Ooff. pastor. 

Hoadsy school st II t s.. Praaeh- 
lag 11 a. aa. aad 8 p. sa. Bibl. Band 
st 9:30. Prayer services ■ Thursday 
aighta. Bev. E Poster, Pssfir 

Chare*— Ms Uo-stres* 


«r nesting fl a. at ; preachiBg'. II 
i. aa1 S p m : S^saday-eekaei I p 
& 1. P. U. 8iM; Wsanesday 
srsnsalag 8 p. SU Friday, praysi mmh. 
lag 8 p at Kiasisaary cteeiety. trst 
aad thtfd Taseday in sash aunts at 8 
Bee, David Tyler, passer. 

ML Olive Baptist Casrsh Ms. 8, IsOB 
swiss St, Sunday, prsyst si*arli|, 

• *. at.; preaokiag, 11 a. sa., 3 p. at. i 
1*80 p. m. nwndsy-aahooL )rS» a. 
Prayer msttiag and Mlaaiss flares*, 
Tssadsy sighi. Ptsys* asd Bsatoa 
steetlsg, Friday alght Third Baaday 
is saeh mssU Oavassst SstshW 
Psarth Snaday 

■rTBrrTJALIBT c uijbchjm 

gpirltoal CbrUtuu Dalou CbBrch. 

TITf Lawton Aven-a*. Sondays * p >■ 

Fridays, 3 p. ro. J. 8. Weatbsrford 

feetnr: Mrs. U. Oweat, sssiitant an>! 

QITJUiiti a» gyrsjTT/AiiaT 

The. Christiaa Bceritaalsst Chareh Id 
stored from 1330a Wash St., to 817 !f 
l*>n«r,l Avenas. SeTviees every 
Tsesday aad Friday at 8:88 p m 
Catch Sodiaaaeat ear. get off at 8300 
Ptaaklla Art, walk north to 817 N. 
Toeaarf A vs., Mr. sad Mrs Crankshavr 

K. ■(.-. |.- ,.,■■ of* Spiritual rHnr--b, 
Ul V Beaumont Street. Saaday 
•ehool aer>ire 10 s. m.. rhurrh. servteeV 
II a. in and Sp. s, and m esse (**, 
Vselisg at *. p. m. Weilnevday aad 
Thursday, flesnee st 8 p. m. Taseday 
ad FVidav Mrs, Juris ^nhaatro, ots> 
. t»t -Vv... Jaas.e^ D, Miller, 
Henry Oreen, priraident; Mlae ~A 

Vapekiea. aaerstary. 

Tbe CsWeh af Ood sad aWtota ef, 

krhrt. 4«w Fairfai 

andsl St Tj#SV 

PWday at 7:»o "aturdar (Sabbath^ S' 
II a. as. and rest of the Say Klder J 

Ftoaily bv eoasea to tbein valkto* 

anna ibe sen and snnvtng against (be 

eoatriry a-tml Ila-sasaps -rhr-mgfi the 

wind that va* so dUVutt to tbeat sritb 

abd setbah (Mart serfert sans. .**s Mans raged abewf 

a* fl <l)d aboat " 

tttsr to tf m. The 

ssssdaassfr a to aim 

asset Eh* eyw of asa of 
OssTS teSUBtwal SSSS bt tbe nddst of 
serves aad atvess, aet hast koew that 

aaasuasiii s . vstttng -srtrh rbMs agantst 
She rasiutry win* and esytag. -|a» af 
aswd eseee. it to L be sat afrabt,-* 

Bees of t'iaat, sttaeb to^tessTS 


Tsiw tsw. s/ssstosssssjbasbs 

asWssssr caea^aTunaei awtV «aee csv« o/ sou. 
C"USSI, sssarrr, TOeLCt OSaMStTtotT h*s STOOO ^ 
T "f YCsTT *<m TKAftS. 

•Mahu th* sAxn fi*W velvmt " 

'—— ——|| ms Is toll 
C. CMANC. 10* r*Ut,TM ST., BJgaV VOMBt 


When coming to St. Louis you should hav*f firat-hand infer/ration. 
For employment call at the office cf the^intral Association Furfau 
of Information. 2728 M-irjnin. Phonr". Bomont 3040. 
' J. T. l»U"n. Manager 

Harry M. Boeckmann 

^715 I r;inkhn Ave, 

"Onyx" || Hosier 

T— s>M GOOD Tatoa at AMY 



iinUlldm, Fell. 1" 

,. .,,, ■■:mii\>i'rvi.\-' .. . 

'"■-■' "" lu rfii Act* ' 

Sunday, Feb. -1 


. •- ' ' '- HErUBLiC" - • 

A I'&owptiy Matter piece Snowing 

President LtncobVa Aassjii nation 

at Font's Theatre 

Monday, Fob. 5 

Episode Nimibfr 1 of 




Alto, In Thie* ?Utl 

■■■(■win SOULS' 
In Tore* Pirti 


limtt Episode of 


Bint Bird Photoplay -And 




In Five Pert* 

■y ; Friday . . 




II. II. I. M, 
>* f « I »M>> » « «« « « » < 





Tins WEEK. 

AIT iho n'i« »f the Booker Wm-kiaj;'. 

'■'i Hcl'rc tt. ,:-vfc- .nt til- ;t.^ ill*, 

■■ i mtnrc " The combination la itrong 
""It ereek-n-ioek gaud show is tbe- 

BUtD *iid Blown open the show with 
no original act thai characterise* an 
old man and an incorrigible kid. 'The 
kid part is played hy the t male' mem 
brr and i» a true representation ot a 
ili»»ntiefied boy who ''alnt never had no 
flood time like other boys." The team 
offers unnie good singing and dancing 
and close strong. 

Ton Marshall Bisters, Nina and Ethel, 
h*«<e an excellent ringing and dancing 
act ■!■:.! i* presented with plenty of 
vim, . Bui h are finished performer*, 
formerly of tha Smart Set Company. 
Sin* i» tha wife of Salem Tutt Whit 
nor. Tbny are neat dancera and have 
K'mkI voices. All of their numltara are 
■ell rw'ivKl and their finale, irnij; nnrl 
e, "On the Poppy '« Tail," i* a big 

The Down -Horn* Band close* the 
on. The company ennrirt* of t!« 
Jnnea family, V. U.. llytta. Billi* and 
Tlielmn, .[-I. Henry Campbell and Ed 
ward Jackson, who are St. Louiaan*. An 
instrumental act i* offered and brasa, 
reed,' (tring, drams and i rap- are used. 
Several piece* are played and tbo blue* 
i e-onapiruoua inning. Billic, -who 
ry small boy, makes an individual 
hit featuring "O Yon Drummer, 
' mm Tbelma alio atari with the dmma 
;d cornet. Campbell and Jaekaon piny 
the guitar and banjorino and sinjr. 8ev 
eral good song* are offered' and the en 
act U rewarded with appreciative 


Tuesday, February fl 
• MM awAwi m 


Every Monday 
Tha Lata** Phatn-pUy Serial 

Featuring Miss Helen Holme* 


The Pendleton 


program (or Week 

Bap IVav 9. 

. 8atiud*v. "BOtton of the leTanta:" 
ia five pari*, showing the battle seeues 
♦f Cakstea's ln*t, stand and ike "VoUun 

•auVewK Feb. t , Miee Nance O'Neill 
= ia 'la* WtsBh." a Btn* Bibben ImV 
tare in live parts. 

Moudov. Fvb. S, Valeeta. Sural t la 

"The hwitr Beaadway.-' and "■"and 
af tha Army." Ma. L 

Tneaday. Tenia Uara in "Lady Aaa- 

Learn MiUc In 30 

I anil taaick you I 

Ws Buy and s v ii Pupa, 
C«o«Hcas Parrots, Etc 

Nerw,- B-Weaael r>>e-M,.rr 

ram »t. loot amoom 

The Retina Moving Picture Show 

20th »nd Market St. ^ 

Open Daily From 1 to lip. m. 

Every Day i5 Part Feature With the Meat Famous 

Playen in Connection 

With The Meat Wonderful jSerieb of fo^Uy 


fhe Arch' Criminal* ol Pari* 


You can watch lite** arch criminal* of 
v"»Tt*.V>rft;<!»W4r*k./or nin*ewoau«atw« 
.'Wfl*ka. Don't Pad to ae« them on 

Mondays . . 

.lO Uahai lUadard aM 
u lathe art of elaanu 

-'- -i brian 

Beglaninf Monday, rabruary & 

Drake and Walk^rJsOoinbay Oirli 
n a big mnaical renew. Thp eom- 
any ia one of the urgent on tha road, 
t «>n*i*ta. nf IS star perform e ra. ' Be; 
wn band and orcbeatra. Don't fail 
o hoar the big band concert. Every 
evening at fl:M in frost of the thi 
Thia will ha a dollar ahow f( 
ten cents. . 

"liraordinary photoplay will be 
■hown at the ^ew Movie Theatre, Stm- 
Fnbraary I. entitled "Tha Bat: 
Da Hymn, of the Republic," showing 
'■> surrender and President A. Lin- 
'wawafM nation at Ford'l Theatre 
greatest aietorieal phot aplay, baaed 
> the early, and laet incident* of 
Ufa of uur greatest president A. 

immenciflc Mnoday. February "i. 
... hingawaltnl "Paiiia' - aerial will 
bo shown. N" either time nor money are 
iriared by the manager of the New 
■!■ ••■ ia aeevriag the beet varrrty 
i I'hotuplays for tils patrons. 



\ ■■!!, juiir lister, or probably your 
■ •*ier are ailing and have ■ suffereit 
he natald torture* of agony and have 

rifd every kauiwn maedy with no re 
Yott probably are aaffertng from 

i*cke*ke, bearing dewa sensations. 

a*, tired f cling, inability to 

walk for any Iraxth of time. 

•rrertm in the abdomen, or 

■ i f - -r aiimenta, such a* leaeorrhea 

hitaa), gosurraea, itching, oleera- 

r, catarraal, aamaaaal and maeeaa 

oftfa ap- 

,.- .f the 1 

I ef a 

■ ibditioa of the vagiaa. Sometitaea it ., fci „.,. r 

rea inSammatiun of the 
parts with which it coaua in rpataet. 
it oftaa eaaaae a disagreeable itahing. 

<>■■<. Mllaa-* AawaWi 

atban vud such .'iwi uadtrutiaa' ' 

' Kai rv,r (M I.v,»«J b, 

hu Htraaca. Bllll. Hurt. ' 
«>' r nmaiaa tha SUrKEMG 


A new wonder aerial in IS'Chaptera. 
The Stan—Grace Darmond, Ralph 
Kellard and'Leon Barry. 

Pictorial Weeklies— Monday a, Wed. 
neaday. and k'tidaye. portraying; the 
rooet lmportatit event* around the 

• I 


and Children EaptciaUy Invited 

<* soon as the t 


far all ngaeanpeal aaaaa of weak- 
aeea aad dtewrdere pat aH a r to wosav 
Mlhae'e Aaeau Keatee are sold aad 
mmeaded by aU madiag dragrieta 
If ha aria not supply you they, will *e 
*»»t aWf** "jaaa. tW»eif* •« frioe. 
Trial sue. Tea Aaepte I«« Sfc. 
mgaJer "anae, tweaUy-foa* Aawoaa 
■ . .. *,.;»! 

Conference? On^j 

(ConUaued from page 1) 
(olluwa; "The end uf the great wur 
will tiuj America feeing a flood 1 uf 
immigration— workers, refu£eei »[|,i 
defectives. I ,..-..! heavy imarigm- 
tiou not from Uvrmany asd r'rao. - . 
but from Centntl Europe because of 
the great devastation it has suffered. 
Millions will rush to America aa aoun 
aa the gate*- are opened. Along with 
this heavy immigration .1 expect -i 
large eiodm. 1 believe that many frijl 
from this country back to Earop- 
is over for vari 
will go for eurio- 
to see relative!, 
who were. ^<H permitted to come ovit 
becanae -B.J' she reason or another'; 
othera m,l ■jo becattse of tha wide- 
spread belief that land wilt be cheap in 
£urupc and they will ba able to buy 

lli. E. J. Triaj, Jr,, of the Erie 
Railroad, in part, spoke . a* . fotlowa: 
"'The Erie kailroad haa employed 
large number of the Xegro migrant! 
and we are still ia need of more be- 
cause of the abnormal state of labor 
condition* in this part of the country. 
It is altogether unfair that the South- 
should enforce lawn prohi- 
biting the moving of labor from their 
border* when there are railroads all 

!'"t ihijf country that would pay good 
agee to thowe. laborers. We who have 
employed Colored men from the South 
found the majority good, worker*; 
i have been liku any other race, ar 
any other men, ^hiftllsa and ready to 
'jump their jobs, - ' but the majority 
ire otherwise.'? 

He. Jaekaon, from Lukes* Hteel aad 
run Works. Coateavilla, Pa.; ia apvak- 
ng of ihe employeea of the company, 
etatetlr"We have a huge Bomber os* 
Negroes reeeatly arrived. , from tha 
aaath, aad an g>vn>g taam the best 
have in the way ..f uliiw, coua^' 
aad* ideau of a»w to maha a marlt 
in tha - world. The men are "* rj na; 
larger wages; than they ever did before, 
tad are making good, which 1 aiiri- 
■ .ii- to ear endeavor to treat them 

la presenting a program of work Fee 
h.- Negro in citka, Forrester B. Wash- 
ington, ia part, said: "We are aware 
of the fact that the Bead for ret 
tioual centers is a hundredfold mora 
impurtsat ia a northern eowimaaity 
than in (he Mouth; toeeaaaie of the) 
' hosra af hsboi m the North 
"I the migrant 'a 'absence traaa the. 
rritrsjaing iafluenee ■ of law comma- 
oily that is acquainted with him. With 
this ia view *e have orgwuafd a 
Ijcagaa rf yoaag twa, where duty a 

it to gfi amunjj the newcomers aad 
vite them to oaa ol the poetic eehoal 
buildiuga each weak to enjoy a pleasv 
aat eveaisg with Ike i cry beet class ad 
people. Hoth the native Colored aad 
shite peoplw af oar eoaaaaaity hai 
feeliag that the Southern Negroes are 

Louis during the pant two weeks. 

The meeting was ia tha nature of 
a banquet at which an elaborate din- 
rtar waa served by the ladiea of ■ the 

The (fur-Htion of the Negro Migration 
waa diseaseed. Dr. Powell being tha 
principal speaker. He told kit hi 
en of the many agendo* that wee* 
at work to help those who had come 
north to get employment, and, aim 
to help them adjust themselves to the 
new condition which confronted them. 
Other speaker* were: &ishop~KyIe T Dr. 
Martin, Dr. Johnson, licv. Abbott, 
Rev. Parr, Dr. -'■ *V Gaston, H. A, 
Smith, David )>. Jonea, J. E. Mitchell, 
R. A. Hudlin and Mia* Uae B. neither. 
After the speaking a temporary organ. 
ixation waa formed, with Dr. Geo. E. 
Htovena, chairman; Dr. J. W. Martin, 

Next meeting will be held at St. 

Paul A. M. E. Church next Monday 
at S o'clock. 

dilra, aad idle Netjroea s 
UleJF aaaatt. . . 

In coal In dial the 
J'.aea. Esseati i« I 
haa Leauraa , awes 
gaaiaing work. U 
riaairy. »uch movesafwt*. M aid tae 
migraliag 'KsaTae* to adjam 
■efiwa te* their 


This elegant 7»-room hotel haa opened 
under new mamtawmest. A nit* hotel 
for family or transient nsa. Hewly dee- 
orated aad baa 10 betas, steam heat. 
Bmtos teaaoaa-bU. Jkw&Js*. A. UiUkglL 
proprietor, 2S39 Morgan street, St. 
Lonis, Mo. Phone Boeaoat 19TT. 



The Veiled Prophet 

■OehM WITH A OOUat-a VallU. 

Reading Fee Low 




saeosa* «w faflata at new InvaaUoaa. oat- 

amta. nsa Haa penaaaa claims, ***-■ >^i. 

too win rasWv* fair d 

HU aavto* mar he tha mean* or savlaa 
ran thousands ef dollars aad a grant 
deal of trouble 

tt aRalra **" - 1 - ' 

owe world of wnteh w* all woun 

awajr Into the Ha nWireui 
the) sraat hay —a * «» ■■* tha aarX 
wktab saaara to a ihs kamajj body from 
tha flittina **al sn« that which hi to be 
la wsaL Tha s«anoa t * H are hrouirM to- 


•• Hi lima is full? sesan'sd i 

i. U 1 p. «. Vraawsslmi 

uabanv ists 

umnAnx iocs .. 

Mme. Lindsey^ 

Ctlnwd Traace Spiritaaliri . 

Ska can tall you what you woo Id 

like to know 
She can tnetruct 'you in all yamr ' 

lEAMrlU M CtrTTS AW UP aa I JO n, sl 

«1S2 Mawm At*., - WctmwB 
KMewsa^raraaaaa sad 5*. . Charles Can 


,1 wtah to say to all my |n. i**el fti v* 
buyers that you mats aa mistake In 
' ag to my , store to parchae* a pi- 

Toa not only help ana, bat yea baaa- 

■: yourself on naaaaat ef the courtesy 

shewn yan whish yea fall to pt ha 

TV* aitrgtJi. 1 Ma. fir* 'ym>- ewskt 
ha iadaae yoa to show year race pride. 

Besaembar, if yon" spend a dollar 
with ma paraapa you will gat soata af 
it ha return, bat if you anaad it arUfc 
aa anwuj amy. 

I HIT MT ibw otjaatlH 


Advert!** i* tae Argna aad fat mv 


Advice given m all matter* of 
Ufa, Qtva Luck in Bnsiamw, 
and Speculationa, Law Soiu, 
- Senile, LosmWataamrrisi, semtn*. . ■ 
s wp ara t ad together, make* 
peace and han pi anni in family. 

Oairrnaat, F-w-m TmW 
— SftftllaoaVl 

Um KalomJls Lauadw Hsruel, tha 

Save* time and iengthea* tk* Uf* *** 
atoihsa. Quaranued to urn in ■ dirt 
aad stains without uaiag tha ■'Bab- 
Board." Bend lie far trial naihage 
or aaU. Agent* wanted For sal* by 
Marael Supply Ca., MOB. Lawtea sva- 
■aa St. Leux. Ma. 

■^Tste ■Il•»B^rvai^^*'* , ■■ ■ 

mm aad Gaf-k*j 


A proltAbia V 
ia yamr home if 
Compact. Course; it toawhaa I I'jllill 


And aa MssOni nmidj A 
Tbee* facto um rented by ■ 
-*- af bach a